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2021, A New Year


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Hello Icommunity!

To start off with, I hope everyone has enjoyed the year as much as possible. 2020 was very hard, and a struggle to get through, due to the major events that occurred throughout, including the Australian bushfires, and Corona virus/Covid 19.

Although it was a tough year, what helped you get through it, and what did you enjoy the most?

Most importantly, what are your new year resolutions, or goals you wish to achieve in 2021?

Goodluck everyone!

- Curly

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What got me through was my computer and working out a lot.

In 2021 I hope to start my career in Cyber security and get a good start to life outside of school as well as work hard and make the most of opportunities when they arise.

Overall I just hope that 2021 is way better then 2020 even though me personally it was probably one of my best years.

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Meeting new friends within the server and getting involved with a community when my mental health started slipping towards the end help, as long as my partners support throughout the year, and the good ol puppy dog of course

I'm hoping in 2021 to finish my degree, maybe get into business school and hopefully juggle a full time job at some point as as spending more time at the gym building up muscle and getting into better shape, hopefully my spinal surgery will be my last and ill recover well and focus on rebuilding the dead joint in my ankle :) i hope to also get better at roleplaying, i tend to suck at it

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