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My time on Imperial Gaming A memory I won't forget <3


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Before I get in this sorry for all the mass mention's love you all <3

You know this was hard for me to make spending almost three years now on imperial gaming. It's been bumpy so many ups so many down but let’s do a recap on my time on imperial gaming warning this prob will be very long. Ok let’s start from the beginning the very beginning as I’m playing on a TTT server with some of my boys then we decided to join a star wars RP server this was around late 2017 before the split and everything can’t really remember much but I decided to join terror can’t remember who the Co was but it was a blast do be in after that I left the server to go sweet at TTT (Hense why I’m so good an FPS games) then the server owner did something very very stupid and got Garry, yes THE Garry to blacklist the server on the search page at the time I was currently a mod on said server and after that, the server basically died sadly but, I still enjoyed playing so the same boys I joined IG who I lost connection to by them not playing games anymore to decided to play IG this was around when I first got into IG I was around fourteen and didn’t know what I was doing pretty sure wish I remember who trained me but who every did love yea ok let’s get back on track it was about early 2018 before the split I was just a ST walking around the server didn’t know what to do I went through the ranks to CPL took a break until the split happened at the time I didn’t know the reason of the split and why it caused so many people to resent IG so I just followed the crowd to the other server played that server once it started to once it sadly ended (On that server I was TT-04 Phobia Officer CDT if anyone remember :0) back on track. Once the server died I rejoined IN which was doing way better so I joined with @Razzleand @Frosty__ and one more who I can’t remember Razzle and Frost were BH and I joined Vader's Fist with @tom as the co and @Mandor_Teth as the 2ic I think also @Chimp and @Fludders were also in VF at the time also @Outback was CO of IC and @Corvo was LT COL of SC after I got to SGT of VF I left to join Riot at the time the CO of riot was I think @Tree and @Galle which was CO of shock can’t remember who was in shock with me sorry :/ then after shock, I join ARC at the time the Co was @Splonter my time in ARC didn’t last long (Lmao) then I took a break from IG for about a month then came back tried out for mud troopers and failed the tryouts 🤣. Didn’t know what I did wrong I think @Tempest was the Co at the time but ahh after my failing tryouts for mud trooper I left the server once again for about another month then rejoined and joined shore the Co at the time was @Xeno_Beno, Xeno did very well but he couldn’t keep up with his activity cause of IRL reason which is fine but, I ended up leaving shore for 374th I had a BLAST in 374th meeting @joestar @Warden @Deeth@Tinky @Lucas @Neptune@Welly@Zoetand many more people who still play on the server at the time I started to get people who recognized be and I started getting Kind of known of the server after my time in 374th ended I joined Compforce with @Guskywalkeras CO and @Stryker. When I stood in line for the CF tryouts it was the most amount of people I’ve seen at a tryout it was a good 15+ people waiting in line and only 3 people were getting picked I was lucky to get picked first then @Mongo@StarkI didn’t stay in CF for long because I was still looking on getting DIO in INF once I got INF it was a blast Iden at the time was @alystair Hask was @ArkanMarana was @Auziiand my boy @Deltawas Meeko cause I thought I would fit into the role as dio, oh boy was I wrong. DIO was a fun role IDK why people hate the role it’s fun IMO but this masterpiece came from me being DIO  Nerf Dio oh this was fun to read I do admit I overused DIO in combat but that’s just my playstyle also got a lot of backlash from making the start of the post I DISAGREE WITH EVERYTHING I don’t think I made it clear the top part was a joke but what a wise man once said it is what it is. After my time as dio @TheNegotiatorgot Garrick @Arkanwent to Iden, @Auziiwent to Hask and I went to Marana after some time as Marana @Auziileft and INF was looking for a new Hask at or around this time is me and @Twistwere selected to join EM team it was a blast being an EM I remember why the first-ever event being an off-ship I think the event went well. Then after my time in INF I left to join RG I was reunited with my friend and old 374th member @Lucasand the Co @Hawkzand 2ic at the time @Naryas I spent about 117 days in RG until I left for ST’s where I reunited with some of the boys @Tinky @Joel@Clover @joestar @PULSE @Havana and many more I joined STC tried out for ARC and barley didn’t make it :/ after trying for ARC I joined SS now named VS with @Binny as the Co @Legion@Hamish where already in the reg then Hamish left then Legion left then sooner after both I left then @KevinM joined but, who even likes Kevin <3. so thats my time in SWRP.


Other IG Stuff

IG Minecraft was a blast I remember joining and making an ISB town with @Razzle @Delta @Blazebeard @Ragetank   @Auzii@Arkan@Tonberryand his dong army and others I remember waking up at some sort of spawn and walked to the west side and getting launched to an island, swimming to shore I gathered up resources wood, tools, and food and setting sail I found a shipwreck and went to check it out, what I found was nothing should have known, got back onto my boat and went to meet up with @Arkan once I met with arkan we started to mine digging deeper and deeper the farther we went down the less we could see but, then @Kumo accidentally did /kill * and everyone lost their stuff still love you Kumo but anyways back to me being immersive after finding a ravine and finding a wild @Auzii and @Blazebeard we started to search for a place to call home oh and @Delta was raiding villages for doors don’t know why but yea that’s irrelevant, once we found a suitable place to what we called home in an icy tundra the group consisting of Me @Auzii @Delta @Arkan @Blazebeard @Razzle and someone dog army took over the village and enslaved the inhabitants in trading their items for ours. Then hours later either @Splonter's group or @Guskywalker's group slapped the ender dragon so theirs our plan of killing the ender dragon so I decided to be the first group to receive the ender dragon which we did it was baller after the ender dragon fight @Bibleman decided to have a meeting with the console (It was a thing that the ISB group made up I don’t remember the names we gave ourselves) but he wanted to build in the end and asked for supplies we gave @Bibleman the supplies but he had to be back within on month (MC time like 4 days) if not we would go after him. More stuff happened we claimed a guardian base trapped villagers made them our slave’s yea I sweated and got everyone Prot 5 sharp 5 stuff and moved out I made a sky base with all the memories I made on the MC server cause I assumed the server was going to close soon so I made some shrines at the sky base and went to the end and left a sign saying “Cya wouldn’t want to be yea” at the end where I jumped to by death and left… also bailey made another MC server and the ender dragon was killed by me @TheNegotiator and @Kristofer within like 3 hours <3


So that’s it form mc to me Being a Em and playing on the server thats my life story going through different regiments and meeting different people. I do truly wish that this day would never happen but, it was going to happen sooner than later but I’m glad it happened. The people I met the friends I made all mean a lot to me I fucking love this community and I hope the next time I come back I see it thriving I’m now 16 I’ve spent almost three years on this server been here sense Halo rp the fall and rise of IG me being a random PVT ST User that knew fuck all about star wars to fucking loving it and becoming apart of the EM team then me leaving its a lot to take in. fuck I’m such a pussy from shedding a tear but, none the less I’m happy that the community owner of the TTT server fucked up if it wasn’t for him I most likely wouldn’t be here funny how life works losing one thing and accidentally finding something you love even more yea that's all I really have to say until next time @Naryas fuck you <3 (Jk love you) whelp this is it YA BOY SKINNY PES- ya na this your boy Phobia AKA BEST PVP GOD and a very good friend signing off for the last time, until the next time gamers love you all, all the homo (still be kind of around Ts and Forums but won’t be active also post good memories that you made during your time On IG doesn’t have to have me in it but would love to see.) 


“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”

Amazing quote by A.A Milne

Best EM no cap <3 

This is Phobia signing off, Love you all, all homo <3 cya, next time!
Have a happy new years!


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