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Flame Troopers ( 6 Slots )


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Hello everyone! I am excited to announce the arrival of the 275th Flame Troopers to the Imperial Star Destroyer.

This is a Six (6) slot Company which consists of these ranks, weapons and HP...

Lieutenant Colonel and Colonel,
T-21, E-44, Imperial Incinerator, Cryothrower - 225 HP

Second Lieutenant to Major,
T-21, E-44, Imperial Incinerator, Cryothrower - 200 HP

Sergeant to Warrant Officer I,
T-21, E-44, Imperial Incinerator, Cryothrower - 175 HP

Private First Class to Corporal,
T-21,          Imperial Incinerator, Cryothrower - 150 HP

T-21,                                           Cryothrower - 150 HP


Hope everyone has a lovely night and are excited for tomorrow :)

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