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Queball, real name Caros Antares, was born on Corulag 37 years ago, 18 years before the formation of the Galactic Empire. Caros was adopted by an Officer in the Republic, and grew up under the Republic's protection on a core world. His guardian served dutifully under both Supreme Chancellors Finis Valorum and Sheev Palpatine, and unofficially trained Caros over the years starting from a young age, teaching him various skills and techniques valuable to a soldier. Due to this close proximity to the Republic Hierarchy, Caros saw firsthand the decent into the anarchy of the Clone Wars, the slow fall of the Old Republic and silent Rise of the Empire.

However, what kept Caros sane during these trying times were the stories he heard of the legendary Jedi Order, even on a world such as Corulag, Caros had only heard of their exploits, and never saw a Jedi, though he was still in awe of heroes such as Jedi Generals Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, leading thousands of soldiers in white armour, the renowned Clone Troopers.

As the war dragged on and the weariness of its endless chaos impacted the Galaxy, Caros longed for peace, to be reunited with his guardian and see the galaxy begin anew. This was, regretfully, all for nought, and this dream would never come to fruition. Caros' guardian perished aboard a Venator Star Destroyer in the midst of the Jedi Rebellion, leaving Caros feeling betrayed, furious and alone.

Joining the Empire

Caros Antares was nothing if not driven by this point, and did not hesitate to enlist in the Imperial Army at the Corulag Academy by the time he was Eighteen, and was pressed into training. It was there that he fell under the instruction of a veteran Clone Trooper, CT-8388 of the 41st Elite Corps, his call-sign, Cueball. The Clone Trooper became a form of mentor to Caros, having known his guardian. The name Cueball was later adopted as a shared call-sign and has been thus utilised by various Imperial Soldiers and Personnel over the years, one was identified within a Purge Trooper Unit, another within the Naval Guard as well as the Engineer Corps. While all others have disappeared, Caros remains, the call-sign Queball being a variation immortalising the old Clone Trooper.

Caros eventually graduated from the Academy, and was inducted into the fearsome Stormtrooper Corps where he served in numerous Regiments, the latest being Stormtrooper Command within the 439th Stormtrooper Detachment, where he currently serves as Lieutenant, aboard the Chimaera.

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