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A very Imperial christmas...


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Happy holidays to all

For this Christmas the annual event is centred around the act of giving gifts.

Starting tomorrow you may give gifts to anyone who has played the server before, in the gifts you may include a wholesome message (keep it wholesome and under 200 characters, these will be monitored and all rules apply), credits, points and a point shop item. Note that you do not have to gift anything and may just leave the person a kind message.

These gifts may be opened on the 25th of December so start giving gifts fast!


!gift or /gift - open gifting menu

!opengifts or /opengifts - open your gifts (December 25th)

Once again happy holidays, maybe you will see some Christmas presents spawning if Santa comes early.

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3 hours ago, Kristofer said:

Love how we are straying away from competitive events and going for a more chill event that captures the spirit of Christmas.

I have a ton of points that I'm never going to use so watch out server people.

Same, except the worse counter part, just a whole lot of credits.


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