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[SPOILERS] The Mandalorian S2E8: "The Rescue"

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This is the discussion thread for the Season 2 episode 8 of the Star Wars Show, "The Mandalorian". It, like all other discussion threads is filled with spoilers and is only to be discussed via the spoiler tag to prevent ruining the episode for others. Don't be a cunt, its simple.


The starting chase was fuckin fire, Slave One running down a Lambda and showing us the Ion shots from Star Wars: Squadrons in action. Boba Fett is such a King, on that note, RIP the original actor for Boba, Jeremy Bulloch.

Fuarrrrk, the difference between these two pilots is intense, one ready to leave and one ready to die for his Empire, obviously PTSD riddled because of the Death Star and all his friends who'd died, still a massive cunt and her shot was fire as fuck, lata bitch, asshole was hitting a soft spot for her obviously.

Brooooo, Boba and Mando's armour in that shot where the light is just referacting off them in the tavern, I think I just had a little bit of a chub watching it. The difference in Mandalorian creeds here, they know Boba and fuckin hate him, he knows its his armour and wants to keep it.

Don't get me wrong, I love Boba, but that fight between him and the other Mandalorian was kinda fire, and those lines "Mine might be the last one you ever hear." Fuck me, Temuera Morrison is a king and Boba is such a sick fucking character.

I'd be interested to find out if they really glassed Mandalore or if it was a story they told Mandalorians in an attempt to try and break them, I'd assume the prior, but I hope they just used it to try and wittle their spirits down.

The Doctor helping them was a bit interesting...I don't know (at the moment at least) if he truly wants to help them or not, but it kind of seems like he likes Grogu and wants to keep him safe. On top of that, the mention of 3rd Generation Dark Troopers, so they've confirmed there was 2 previous generations and now these are ONLY droids, good to know for our lore.

I don't know who directed this episode (I'll find out at the end), but holy fuck the cinematography of those TIE Fighters launching out the front was pure fucking gold, the TIE coming out the side and showing its menace by having it shown at a high angle, really adds some fear to a ship most kind of seem as average and normal.

Then Boba just to flex rolls both those TIEs backwards and jumps to hyperspace, wish we got some more Temuera, but I suppose he'll be back.

THE FUCKIN MUSIC WHEN THOSE DARK TROOPERS POWERED UP, ONLY POGGING, TO JUXTAPOSE TO MANDO WITH THE BESKAR SPEAR LEISURELY WALKING OUT THE SHIP WITH HIS THEME. Fuckin marvelous cinema, God this episode is done well so far, I love Star Wars so much, if all these shows next year are given this budget I might consider keeping my Disney+ subscription after Mando finishes.

Again, back and forth with them going through the ship, quiet sound effects, barely any score and then the Dark Troopers powering up with that insane music. Damn, that bitch really just Matrix'd a bullet while I was typing.

Gun jamming mechanic when? Hehe.

BRO, THE DARK TROOPER RIPPING THAT DOOR OPEN WAS FIRE AS FUCK, THESE THINGS ARE DAMN NEAR INVINCIBLE AND THERE'S A WHOLE PLATOON OF THEM. Beskar is fucking impenetrable, the way it kept his head from being crushed by that fist of death.

I have a theory that the Dark Troopers may also be coated in Beskar, simply because they were in a pretty even 1v1 and the only thing that really did damage was the Beskar Spear.



Man, fuck Moff Gideon, threatening the kid with the Dark Saber, watta prick. Get him Grogu, get his ass.

YOOO, Giancarlo Esposito is such a good actor, his monologue and the way he portrays himself, he's so fucking scary man, I want to serve under this guy if I was an Imperial.

Oooo, Mando telling him to keep the Saber but he just wants the kid...I don't think Bo Katan will like that, but it makes sense, Mando doesn't give a fuck about anything anymore, he wants the kid and he's willing to do just about everything to keep him safe.

Moff Gideon makes a HUGE mistake trying to kill Mando, character wise, dumb ass decision, Star Wars wise, this is fucking epic, what we wanted this whole time, Dark Saber vs Beskar action, GIMME GIMME.

YOOOOOOOOO, MANDO BEAT GIDEON WHICH MEANS HE IS NOW THE RULER OF MANDALORE AND CLAIMS THE THRONE, MAD RESPECT. Chances are he just hands it over to Bo Katan, but I think Gideon wants them to fight it out.

Interesting that he can't yield it to her, it makes sense Mandalorian wise, but I don't really wanna see the homies fighting, makes me all worried and shit about how this goes down, because we know she WANTS it badly, but is she willing to betray Mando for it? I think yes, sadly.

Off topic, but I like the way all the girls do their hair in Mando, makes sense for combat, tied back or short, none of this princess shit where its all out and about flying around, they're here to kick ass and they gonna do that.

A touch wack that the Dark Troopers don't have like a slicer as apart of their cut, but I mean, thematically, punching their way through the door was far fucking cooler anyway.



The look on Gideon's face when the Dark Troopers were getting memed on by a Jedi was pure gold. Then the attempted suicide so they couldn't question him fit his character very well, absolute gold, and they didn't let him die, sick nasty.

If they don't reveal this Jedi I'm gonna be real shitty, I don't think its Luke, he used dark side powers and I don't think they'd do that to Mark Hamill.

SO I WAS WRONG, LUKE FUCKIN SKYWALKER. HE LOOKS SO GOOD AS WELL, WHAT THE FUCK, like, I can tell its not perfectly Mark Hamill, BUT GODDAMN BRO, LUKE MOTHERFUCKIN SKYWALKER AND HE LOOKS SO GOOD TOO, you can tell its not actually him, but that's so mad.

Damn, Mando got me tearing up right now, Grogu wants to see his face and he finally gets to see it, having to go with Luke. I think Mando realises that now the helmet is off his Deathwatch creed doesn't matter so much anymore and he can still be a "real" Mandalorian without having the helmet on at all times.

AYE YO R2-D2 the homie pulling up, what's the show gonna do without Grogu? He the homie and all the comedy relief I've ever needed in my life and now Mando's job is done, I'm excited to see what they do with the next season (if they decide to do one, which I assume they will.) I really like how they handled it.

Ooo after credits scene, Boba and co icing fools on Tatooine, and I mean, mad respect, he deserves it after the cunts left him to die in the Sarlacc pit. HE TAKES JABBA'S SEAT ON THE THRONE, LESSSSGO, BOBA THE WARLORD BABY. THE BOOK OF BOBA FETT DECEMBER 2021.

I think perhaps the next season is going to be about Mandalore and attempting to reclaim it from the Imperials and the struggle of who is going to be the actual ruler of Mandalore since Bo Katan needs to take it off of Mando but he can't yield it.


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I think they missed a massive opportunity to bring in another jedi instead of Luke, I was personally hoping for Mace

Who ever did the Luke animation in my opinion did a terrible job, they should of brought in the dudes who did Tarkin and Leia in Rogue One

Ending was pretty wack


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4 minutes ago, Galle said:
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I think they missed a massive opportunity to bring in another jedi instead of Luke, I was personally hoping for Mace

Who ever did the Luke animation in my opinion did a terrible job, they should of brought to dudes who did Tarkin and Leia in Rogue One

Ending was pretty wack



i was hoping for Cal until I saw the robot hand in the glove. pain.
considering luke took grogu, i can only assume grogu died to kylo when he betrayed the new jedi order


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Omg this weeks episode was by far the best. From beasty dark troopers to the mando v moff g to Luke fricking skywalker, it was awesome. 

I think that beskar v saber fight is something we have been longing for the entire season, and the fight style that mando does is sexy af. I am not sure if anyone else noticed but just the way he swung the beskar spear was beast, you almost knew he was certainly going to win that fight with the smoothness of his fight style. I was a little bit angry the fight didn't go for a long while but then again I am also kinda happy because it meant that they were able to squeeze some cool shit into the end of the episode.

At the end when the "jedi" boards the ship, I think deep down we all knew it was going to be Luke. Who else flies an X wing and is that good with chopping down droids and crushing them with the force than THE LUKE SKYWALKER. I'm not sure why the others didn't want to open the blast doors but mando knew it was a jedi and grogu was practically telling him "OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR MANDO".

Then comes the saddest part of the season, grogu had to leave mando, the way grogu put his hand on mando's helmet was so emotional and in that moment I just knew he was about to take off his helmet. I rarely ever cry in movies/tv shows but I balled my eyes out watching them part ways, it was sad af. We all know grogu and mando will meet again though because mando promised, and I hope when they do meet grogu is able to speak english in like a mini yoda voice, that would be awesome!

Anyway all in all it was the best episode yet, I feel more work could've been done to make Skywalker look better, because you could 100% tell it was computer generated, they did a good job with Carrie Fischer as princess Leia, but I guess The Mandalorian probably didn't have the budget of a star wars movie. Another cool thing was the return of Boba Fett, I think it probably goes a little under the radar, but this is BOBA FRICKING FETT, with his same ship and his gangster coolness, he certainly contributed to it being a wonderful season. Also thanks @Bailey each week I read your reviews each week, word for word, you do a good job bro, and I am sure we are all super keen for the next season and these 2 upcoming spinoffs.


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