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It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like PACmas


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Hello IG,

As we approach the last couple of weeks for the year, there is but 1 more event we are yet to announce.
This post will be announcing the 2020 Christmas PAC Event! Everyone on the server with access to the PAC3 Editor is invited to participate from the 23rd to 25th of December. Unlike Halloween, we want to keep PAC costumes fairly contained and relevant to the holidays, as such there are some blanket rules we must first lay down.

- All outfits must still be within 2.00mS render time
- All outfits must be themed appropriately for Xmas or other holidays during this period
- All outfits must be approved by @Lucky, @Stathi, or Management
- All outfits must be worn as a part of your character, and are to be kept fairly simple. Such as a Christmas beard or Santa Hat.
- All Christmas outfits may only be worn from the 23rd of December and are to be unworn by the 26th of December

This is simply a time to show some Christmas spirit and add some holiday cheer to your characters. You may utilize pastebins/experimental models, as long as they are an accurate representation of your in-game character.
On the 26th of December all Christmas PACs are to be unworn, if found undoing so, you will be receiving a permanent PAC warn towards your profile.

We are eager to see your creations and we wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 

- PAC Management Team

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