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What got you through 2020?


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Man, 2020. What a fucking year.
I dunno how we got to this, or really even why, but I couldn’t have gotten through it without a few key things.

The start of the year left me feeling pretty broken after I had to go through and deal with a pretty intense family ordeal, but Garry’s Mod is what started to build me back up again. It’s crazy to think that 9 months ago I rejoined Imperial Gaming, with the intent of looking for a temporary distraction to take my mind off of a few shit things. Little did I think I’d still be here when Coronavirus came knocking, making new friends and seeing old ones again, creating more memes and hell, even becoming an Event Master. Nothing will ever come to ties with what this place has been able to achieve; not just for myself, but for everybody else, I am sure.

But that wasn’t all.
There were a few other big things that I significantly remember helping me get through the year. I know I started getting into a YouTube cooking series called Binging with Babish, and seeing him grow throughout the year has been quite inspirational. I've always been fascinated by cooking and have been in the kitchen many times whipping up some creativity, but seeing this guy and his incredibly simple, down-to-earth and humanizing videos just really upped the anti of an everyday Kitchen YouTuber. He's also done food from The Mandalorian, so he's definitely worth a gander.

I also somehow got onto a guy named wayneradiotv, a Twitch streamer who uploads a lot of his VODs onto YouTube. However, one of his most pivotal uploads was some of the stupidest but funniest shit that was “Half-Life VR but the AI is Self-Aware”, which whilst incredibly memey was also kind of awesome to see the amount of effort and dedication gone into it. Kinda gave me a good needed laugh at that time, and was a bit of later inspiration for why I signed up to become an EM.

SovietWomble was also the biggest meme, and the biggest inspiration. His content and style of editing has helped me shape my own videos, and throughout the year he has always been such a joy to watch and watch again. He, like myself, doesn't just pump out content for the sake of it. He takes the time and patience to make sure that what he puts out is actually good and edited well, and it's always well worth the wait for each and every upload.

Although it wasn’t all YouTube related.
The final season of The Clone Wars finally came through, and boy was it a kicker of a final season. I need to go back through and rewatch a lot of the key episodes, so I can experience the buildup to the final season again. The final arc was practically a movie by that point, and the atmosphere & feels were almost too much to bear. Incredible sound design and music work, and some overall hands down flawless work from Dave Filoni. I hope he'll be able to continue to pull off some amazing stuff for the future of Star Wars, but with Jon Favreau and Taika Waititi by his side I'm sure he'll pull off some more wonders.

And let’s not forget The Mandalorian coming in with the end-of-year clutch. Baby Yoda somehow got even cuter, and seeing all our favorite characters again was somehow incredibly rejoiceful. After being in lockdown and barely seeing anyone for 6 months, seeing those familiar faces kind of redeemed the shithouse year this has been. They better not leave us on a damn cliffhanger this season, else ima riot after the year we’ve had.

And last but not least, although I’m sure I’ve missed some more pivotal defining moments of 2020 for me, let’s remember some of the memes that came out of the year.
He turned himself into a pickle, guys. Funniest shit I ever seen. But did you hear about that guy Da Vinky? I heard he was trending on TikTok. But before we get danced away to our graves, I am once again asking for your input: What got you through this year? What stood out the most for you?

We’ve nearly made it, guys. Whatever the fuck that 2020 was is long gone, but let’s make the most of the good times we experienced to help get us through, no?

- Greyback x

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Playing Hollow Knight, gettin real sad, watching anime, gettin sad again, Playing phasmaphobia with the boys, gettin even more sad than the last 2 times, playing Gmod and having a laugh, entering the abyss of sadness


all and all I got through it all pretty well

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On 12/14/2020 at 2:41 AM, wflizzi said:


Fizzy got me through 2020. And also the ppl in this community and friends. Being in vic was shit this year so i feal to everyone who went through lockdown. Is good tho got a job so ye just social interactions (limited as much as they where) got me through it. 

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my partner was my biggest pushing point, i was not doing too well at the start of the year and he turned everything around, he introduced me to the server and his friends, who have all been super nice, even though i do favour one of the boys over the other as far as going out of my way to talk to him

my partner has also gotten me into starwars, i was heavy into lotr but being introduced to his love and passion for the franchise has had a big impact on me, being able to sit through and read through the lore has entertained me on bad days where i need a distraction. He also gave me the push to finally apply to jobs i normally wouldn't have so finally having an income is nice, and as its at a book manufacturer its so cool getting to sit down and read the upcoming high republic books we have been mass printing, seriously you guys are in for a treat.

I havent been in the server too long but have met some nice fun people who make my day better as well, and i thank those of you who have interacted with me and made the server full of life

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