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Imperial Talk Show!

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G'day everyone!

The Media Team has been quite dry on ideas lately so after browsing some previous ideas, Imma bring back a small talk show that will again run for around 10-15 minutes. 

Myself and Prophet will be hosting this event and asking your questions to other members of the community. 

This can be about anything either OOC or IC. Really up to you guys!

Please use these guidelines below!



-Questions must be serious and not 'memey'.

-Do not ask Questions that directly attack another member or regiment in our community.

-Questions do not have to be restricted to the server, they can be related to ideas such as a new star wars movie etc.

-Failure to abide by the rules stated above will lead to the deletion of your comment, and if this occurs multiple times you will be reported to staff



Example of a Question:

What Regiment do you think was the most successful in 2020?



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  • Binny changed the title to Imperial Talk Show!
50 minutes ago, Binny said:

-Questions must be serious and not 'memey'.

im out

Ok I guess, if I HAVE to ask a question that isn't a shit meme, I always liked the "How do you think Management is doing?" question.

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"Do you feel safe playing on the server?"
"How do you feel about the Environment of which you roleplay in?"
"What do you believe you can do better to improve yourself on the server?"


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