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Midways Late Intro

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Hey everyone, I wanted to write this post so you guys don't just know me as Midway and maybe hear some cool things about me.

My name is Jimmy, born on the 11/11/04, Victoria.

Most of my family comes from England and Scotland

I have 2 brothers, one is called Crofty

I play basketball for my local team, under 19 CR

I have 2 cats, one looks like a racoon

Started to play Gmod in 2017

Started to play IG in late 2017, thanks to my brother who told me about the server

My first regiment was 442nd

I have gone by many names like Cozmo, Storm, Neo L. Storm

Fav song is Animal by Def leppard

First band I listen to was KISS

I can play a little of the acoustic guitar

I have a money collection from around the world

I want to be in the army when I am older

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