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Is This Justified?

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Good evening Imperial Gaming,

I come to you in the hopes of understanding the logic behind the latest actions undertaken by the Victorian Government of Australia. If this post seems too aggressive or becomes too political in any way, I'll understand if it gets removed. However, I've just learnt some news that lowkey pisses me off.

One of my longtime friends, who I now consider family, has told me that today she attended a funeral. An online funeral. Because apparently the max amount of people that can attend a funeral is 100 people.

Now don't get me wrong, I can understand the cause for concern. However, Victoria is only just past the finish line that was Lockdown 2.0, and is starting to enter a COVID-normal stage. Restaurants are now serving patrons again, households can have more people, and what's extra, is that shopping centres have conveniently opened once more so as to allow hundreds of shoppers to do their Christmas shopping. I can say from firsthand experience that Black Friday and last week's Christmas shopping on my own personal part, were abundant with people. It wasn't shoulder-to-shoulder, by any means, but there was well over 100 people.

So justify for me, why hundreds of people can enter an enclosed space to do their shopping, but 100 is the max cap on a funeral which I would also presume is inside an enclosed space? I can get the whole "X amount of people per square meter" thing, but I can tell you that would hardly matter in a shopping centre with the amount of walking traffic everywhere.

I figured we were starting to become a lot more lenient on things like this as we kept stepping further into a COVID-normal state, but to prioritize the necessity of a shopping centre over a funeral is a little biased. I understand businesses need our support and everything, but basic humanity should come first.

I dunno. That's just how I feel. I could go on and rant arguments about both sides but I won't drag this out much longer than it needs to be. I guess it is what it is. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

On a minor side-note of COVID and everything, I hope y'all be doing okay out there. Hang in there and stay safe.

- Greyback <3

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I think we’re moving away from there at the moment, however, in regards to funerals, I’ve been to a fair few and barely more than 100 people ever arrive. In this case she may not have been close enough to the deceased to warrant being one of the 100 allowed to attend.

That’s all I’ve got, hopefully back to normal soon.

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The actions of the Vic Gov are ver basic to see, mitigating the spread of the virus in any form it may take. Its good that they have upped it to 100, but it is still a long way to go.

Shops are considered massive areas with a massive amount of ventilation in each shop/room and isn't really considered an enclosed space with shops abiding by gov regulations and santising/cleaning daily. I mean, overall to answer your question, shops and shit like that provide income, moreso than funerals soooooo.

Its all about money dude, and it always will be about money.

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On 12/10/2020 at 1:12 PM, Mauler said:

I attended one earlier in the year, only 35 people were allowed to attend.

Yeah a few months ago things was terrible. I can understand then but it just took me by surprise that these particular restrictions were still in effect. Slightly lapsed, of course, but still unfortunatley limiting.

I guess it is what it is. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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