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Christmas Community Donation


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17 hours ago, Cecil said:

To assist with this donation and to reward those that do, rainbow bullet effects will be purchasable for $15 and the effect will last till the end of January.

hey Cecil. could i donate like 20$ for last years Christmas E-11? best way to spread Christmas cheer being able to shoot people with it ;)

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On 12/9/2020 at 7:03 PM, Bailey said:

I was honoured to be asked to choose a charity, headspace has done and still does a lot for me. I'm probably going to donate directly to Headspace instead, but I'm glad we're doing something.

Headspace pulled me out of a very deep and dark place in my life. As much as I support Imperial Gaming in assisting this, I have actually over the last few years have been donating frequently with my friends so I will not be donating through IG. Every thought we have that leads us to using something headspace, the rest of us donate some money. It's almost like a blood pact. The best thing you have in your struggle is your closest friends. Thanks for choosing this because it's something I personally have gone through a lot and feel very strongly about. 

Big Thanks to everyone who has donated their part. As someone who has used this platform to vent and get through some of arguably some of the worst times in my life it means the world that so much of you care about the mental health of (lets be real) people you probably won't ever meet. 

Love you all. Stay safe, Happy holidays.

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