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Private First Class Biff Griffman of the 107th Shock Division here, reporting for duty!


Well... I never expected to be a Shock Trooper. In all honesty, I joined the Imperial Academy as a fledgeling communications officer, though due to a lack of skill with a blaster (and a medical issue regarding Post-Trumatic Stress), I was assigned to more... non-stress induced work. Then I was assigned to the ISB on another ship as an Interrogations Officer.

Now I'm in the Shock Division on the Chimaera, go figure.

Though while I am involved with the Shock Division for the time being, my heart is in it for the Diplomatic Service Corps, as I know a few of you would be aware of now. I have a passion for wanting to meet with foreign folk on Imperial and Non-Imperial aligned planets, and discuss the possibility of them joining our glorious Empire, without the need for violent military incursion.

If this isn't the case, THEN we send in our glorious military force.

Hopefully with discussions involving Imperial Intelligence and Imperial High COmmand, we may be able to bring about a Diplomatic Service, and save me from having to ever shoot a blaster again... Though Emperor knows that's definitely gonna happen again.


Howdy ya'll, I'm Mr_Irregular. Or Biff. I'm new to Imperial Gaming, though I had played Star Wars RP on another server about a year ago. While it was fun, a lot of IRL issues arised that complicated and stunted my activity, and I ended up disappearing.

But now, I am back and have joined Imperial Gaming, where I aspire to form an Imperial Diplomatic Service Corps, which would offer a lot of Roleplay opportunity for those who would like to discuss Imperial Propaganda and the conversion of a planet to the Empire, guards to follow and serve as enforcer's and inspiring, or intimidating, guards to said Officers, members of IHC or high ranking Imperial officials to represent, and planetary officials and members who would oppose, or gratefully look to join, the Empire... 

This ain't the place to go into depth with ideas, but it would be groovy to find other like-minded individuals who would like to help develop this idea.

I myself am an avid roleplayer, lover of the Empire and Star Wars in its entirety (though mostly Legends material), and have experience running Roleplay groups and events typically through Discord or as tableto RPG's.


I am friendly, allbeit a bit intimidated by the server still, but i am down to making new friends and meeting new folk.


Thanks for coming this far, lads and lasses. I look forward to meeting ya'll in game. -u-

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