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Where has IHC tourneys gone?  

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  1. 1. Do you guys want to hold one? yes or no?

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Hello everyone!

today i am going to go over the topic of IHC tournaments. about 3 months ago IHC would hold a server wide tournament from individuals all over the server. one candidate would be picked from the respective regiment to do a combat FFA or 1v1s and it was really fun.

sad thing is this actually just vanished and i miss it ( a lot ) so i am offering IHC 75k Credits to distribute amongst the top 3 that is the winners of the tournament 

People that are willing to add credits to the prize pool let me know and i will add it in

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1 hour ago, Storm said:

I liked the idea of it but I really hated my fps and ping when I tried to fight against a person since my computer be like when I go into the arena oh here have 10 fps or lower.

plan is you will do it undership. and the viewers will bey way above while you are fighting 15-10 people. should make the FPS a lot better

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It’s been a while since we last had one. 
In compensation for us not having these competitions, I’ve created a similar Comp for my legion.

However I do miss having these :(

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I was going to hold a Navy Branch only competition but I'm happy to extend it to an IHC wide competition, it would entail the Cube Trials. It would work significantly differently from your previous competitions.

(I would appreciate some sponsors for credit prizes if it were to go ahead)

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