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I was given a challenge to elevate our understanding of private events

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  Okay so a couple of weeks ago this guy called Greyback decided it'll be funny to challenge me in OOC to run private events for everyone on the server.

  Now when I say 'private events for everyone on the server', I don't mean private events for every individual regiment on the server.
When I say 'private events for everyone on the server'. I mean personal events for every individual player on the server. Something akin to those Inquisitor promotion tests that happen. 

  That sounds like a really innovative idea, right? And as someone who loves innovation and stuff, I obviously accepted this challenge, because I like making myself suffer more than I should when I'm on this server.

  However, I need to put my own twist to this because I am not a masochist. I will only do personal events for those who directly show interest to having a personal event done for them. Due to that, I made a google form. Really neat google form that collects necessary data.

  Anyone can fill this out, and I will provide to you what you desire no matter what position you are in.
Doesn't matter if you're an IHCA clerk or an army commander, if you're Darth Vader or a stormtrooper private. 
I'll somehow figure something out, give you the luxury of an omakase-styled event, give you an immersive Disneyland-like experience.

  It'll be easier if I had a big list ready before I do it, so we'll do a sort of reservation system. I leave the form open till, say, Boxing Day then I'll close it when that day comes. After the form closes, I'll begin crunching through the list one by one.


                 I don't particularly know why I'm doing this.

              >> https://forms.gle/6G4C6QvJwTAv1TMC6 <<

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I’m interested to see results. 
it took a little to think about. And do hope, things happen that I doubt will. (Not like u can bring back old friends)

but I’ll record it. And if it’s Good you will hear my thx Kris. Like that shitty IC DND memes.

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