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Last Night's Event

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OK this will be something that some people dis agree with. last night we had an event where it was a swampy area and to be held on top of a pyramid. everything was going well and all until 500 hp people ran through the middle of us and tanked damage to essentially make us shoot eachother crouching and weaving. now i know this isn't the first time and most likely won't be the last. but does fear RP actually apply to an event character anymore? i remember a time when people wanted to make the bacta grenande a slow healing smoke grenade but when the EC is getting constant respawns and just booking it into the defense it is quite useless. i just ask for. if you see 15 troopers behind barricades and them ready to gun don't book it into the barricade crouching/jumping to avoid damage and cause freindly fire when you survive your run because you have 500 - 800 hp

i'm not asking to surrender but i want you to back peddle or atleast go behind cover when you face greater numbers than yourself. you wouldn't be running into 6 stormtroopers on the usual. so show how it would go down in a real scenario.

tell me what you guys think because this is the way i see it

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I feel the same. doesn't mater if its a INQ or a random high rank or EC with a ton of HP you shouldn't run it down and kill people cause that's not going to happen IRL or even in star wars it doesn't fit into roleplay. I think a good idea is the INQ are grouped up/assigned to regiments with troopers and act like a Jedi general in clone wars, with the blocking shots for the troopers and supporting them in situations. The INQ wouldn't have command over the regiment unless the commander gave them command, they would act more as support and wouldn't engage any EC's unless they are Saber wielders. I also feel that EC's get to much HP in the first place. That's my thoughts on it.

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5 minutes ago, Stuba said:

 I also feel that EC's get to much HP in the first place. That's my thoughts on it.

i don't feel as if it is too much HP as when you play as an EC it is pretty tough when fighting peeps. i just feel as if we need to follow a semi realistic structure of rules to make it more fun for both sides 

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As I stated on the last post relating to FearRP.


Some Event Character's tend to have different rules of FearRP, for example

A droid would not have any concept of fear neither would a Mandalorian because 'oh no a gun... anyways.'

A rebel/pirate is not going to be afraid of someone's gun if it is on safety, because in roleplay they would have as much time to pull out a gun, as you were to lift your gun and take it off safety. (if it was already off safety and there is more than one of you, easy cuff unless EM says no)

Jawa's would have some level of fear, but usually they would run if they saw you coming.

A wookiee wouldn't understand, an undead, alien, bug & otherworldly would have no possibility.

Jedi/Saber Guards etc would have no fear or even respond to you.


The only real way to win against an EC is if the stars align and the EM says it's fine to arrest them, the EC is a quality role-player, the character the they (EC) are playing as has an element of fear, your gun is off safety and there are enough Imperials around or they are the last one with no intention of losing their life.

In that case, there were cultists that surrendered and they were captured.

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you have to remember there are like 8 ECs max, if fear RP was followed to the word by them event would be MEGA SHIT. Also remember in a shit ton of both cannon and legend media rebels did suicidal all the time, think of the attack of the first death star. So when you take that in to consideration a rebel running up to a group of imperials to cause chaos even if they know they are most likely going to die isn't breaking RP.

Now if you really dislike this sort of stuff, why dont you try to run a event with your interpretation of fear RP to prove that what you think is right

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I believe they ended up stopping the rush cause the EM was concerned with what you were as well, I get your point but I mean... they're cultists, Don't think a cultist really cares about their own life to be fair.

I'd say it's moreso due to their innate tankiness and ability to wipe people out pretty easily that was the issue, not FearRP.

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A lot of the problem was really just a combination of everyone is way too fast and lag, honestly I think people should be slower because dodging is way better than taking cover in 50/50 of situations.


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So, typically I agree, but cultists are fanatic worshippers of a religieon, typically a negative one, such as, but not limited to, demons/devil/satan/ect


And when dealing with say rebels, we're also dealing with fanatics, and fanatics won't care if they die, especially if they believe:

- Life after death is better

- Being captured by the enemy/surrendering is worse

- Not dying for the cause is bad

- Surrendering/not dying in combat is dishonourable

- in Sacrifice for the greater good.

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Fearrp is generally a bended rule when it comes to events and Event Characters, when on their own yes it would be illogical for any humanoid race to run face first into an entire garrison of Stormtroopers, but when you have an entire squad of event characters they would of course no longer be under the FearRP stigma, Who's to say that they aren't extremely courageous and only start to slip into fear when their entire squad begins to be wiped out?

When it comes to events overall, the rule is bended in a way to make the events actually function from a core, if it came to manpower every single time the empire would just win based on 'numbers' However you need to remember that the rebellion is quite a small group in comparison to the Empire and most of their operations throughout rebel cells were almost entirely guerrilla warfare eques tactics, So in a sense it's not entirely illogical for them to disobey Fear RP. another reason is the entire concept that if they obeyed Fear RP every single time that 1 EC  remained of a respawn squad/wave the event may end way quicker than anticipated, but no means am I suggesting that they shouldn't need to follow FearRP, but they are and should be less affected and or constricted by it. @Mauler has made some decent points however contradicts some points that could apply to anybody if used in the correct context.


While it may seem illogical or downright annoying to you in most cases Clover, Rebels similar to the Republic were both used to and generally always fought against overwhelming odds. In any conflict both fictional and non fictional there would have been strife's of enemy advancements made against on enemies entrenched and fortified in positions, simply put, I genuinely think just because people are behind cover isn't a reason to be forced under fear RP or be obligated to because you cant get a clear shot on them.

Overall in most scenarios FearRP is generally defunct on Event Characters to allow for events to have a better impact and more thought out storyline. However it is important to remember that other factors do go into FearRP in events with EC's which vary around what the EC's are and what their goals and beliefs are.

Hope this helps.

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Hey clover thanks for writing this post because it gives me an idea of what to do in events and how to make them as fun as possible, I'll keep this post in mind for future events.

Thanks man and have a great day


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