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Heya It's Mizu

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Heya, It's Mizu here, I was know as Aldwin, and back when I played the server as Aldwin I wanted to make one of these but decided not to and uh I took a break and decided to come back as Mizu. This is mainly for the people who knew me just to clear a few things up and just a little background for people who don't know me + I love nostalgia. I joined the forums on December 24 2019, and the server sometime in November.


So lets start, I was first trained from a recruit by a Shock trooper in November, I then joined my first regiment being the Shock division and stayed until the New Years Eve Party but after that I decided to leave for a bit. Now somewhere at the start of 2020 after leaving shock I rejoined the server as a 6th Army trooper I believe, I met Braytec and that was when I really started to enjoy this server, I started playing it really often, maybe a bit to much, and I was happy in 6th Army. Then I decided to leave for Vader's Fist, I met soooo many good people in Vader's Fist Like Pro the good boi, Craig the funny boi, Mandor the smart boi and eventually Storm the cat girl (dw Mouse but I'm not to sure when I met you I think it was in my second time in Nova or maybe EVO, you'll be mentioned later). But eventually I left Vader's fist and went to Nova.


After the start of me playing IG I got pretty Addicted, Being one of my first RP servers I was kind of of getting the hang of it and I really liked it, I had a ton of fun in Nova, the best part was when I trained Curly, I had a really good time playing with Curly but I was playing a lot and being in Nova feeling like I was doing the same thing everyday I decided to move to EVO, EVO was alright, didn't met to many people here but had a pretty fun time as Ghost with CO as well as I went in tournament and won 2 medals I showed off, I also think this might be where I met Mouse like Pro, Craig, Mandor, Storm and Curly she was a great person. After my time in EVO I once again decided to transfer to Scouts, even less happened in scouts but I met Shepard and he is Funny, big ups to Shepard. I decided to join Nova again, Curly the friend I trained as a recruit after me swapping regiments and losing ranks was now my commander, it was also very fun, Then I rejoined Vader's Fist.

Oh No! 

Okie uhhhh, its 12:30AM I'm tired so, I minged, 3 Warns, forums warn ehhhh, but I decided to come back because I can, I currently joined Shock Have fun, Much Love, Big Ups <3






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It's great to have you back aldwin. I still remember when you were in EVO and NOVA and all the good times we had. It's good of you to own up to your mistakes and I hope you will get back on track for that grand general position you have always wanted. Come find me sometime and we can have a chat. 
~peace out

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