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Ban Request on Jake


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Platform: GMOD

Reporter Name: Direx

Reporter Steam ID:  STEAM_0:1:52236396

Reported Name: Jake

Reported Steam ID:  STEAM_0:1:152518890

What Happened: It happend at 1:40Am on the 06/07/2017. I was in ISB hq with DT as I had just recruited new members I had been teaching them everything. It was fine until there was 19 players. People started to RDM and make racist jokes. Whilst in ISB HQ RST pvt Jake ran in playing racist music through his microphone. We asked him to stop and he did not we killed him and he continued to play it for roughly 10 seconds. I found this highly offensive and disrespectful to me and the other people inside ISB HQ.


Note: Several minutes later I asked him why he did it and he said "It is out of RP times its ok" or something very close to it but he acted as if what he did is ok.

I have several witnesses including:

  • DT PVT Able
  • DT PVT Solar
  • DT PVT Nigel
  • ISB Operative Galen


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14 minutes ago, Jake said:

-1 Been dealt with. Ling Ling warned me

You -1 a ban request against yourself and show no sense of recognition for your actions or an apology for any of the involved players, to me it seems like you got off quite lucky.

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