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[SPOILERS] Mandalorian S2E5: "The Jedi" Discussion

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This is the discussion thread for the Season 2 episode 5 of the Star Wars Show, "The Mandalorian". It, like all other discussion threads is filled with spoilers and is only to be discussed via the spoiler tag to prevent ruining the episode for others. Don't be a cunt, its simple.

I will post my thoughts later, the reason this thread is going up so early is because I won't be home to watch the episode on time tonight and don't want to make people wait to discuss it.



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I was gonna write an essay... but...

- Ahsoka was perfect. Rosario Dawson couldn't of played her literally any better; she really felt like Ahsoka.
- Grogu is a cute little fearful Yoda boy
- Ahsoka vs Morgan duel was badass and so classic, probably even more so than the Rebels Obi-Wan vs Maul duel
- Lightsaber vs beskar duels are a thing and their sound design is so fucking metal (hehe)
- Sad to see those HK-87 droids die but at least they're canon now
- The Asian setting was super well done while still feeling very Star Wars and dystopian
- How tf is Thrawn involved in this but I don't mind BECAUSE IT'S THRAWN
- Some epic cool Deep Core Tython Jedi Temple Force shit is about to happen, but how tf is Mando gonna make it there
- Morai/The Daughter makes a cameo which is nice

11/10 episode. Brilliant.

I reckon by the end of this season Mando is going to start doubting his extremist Mandalorian heritage due to how he has been labelled by Bo-Katan and what he has experienced with the supposedly enemy sorcerer Ahsoka (who technically isn't a Jedi but Mando doesn't know that). It'd be an interesting character shift.


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  • Bailey changed the title to [SPOILERS] Mandalorian S2E5: "The Jedi" Discussion
1 hour ago, Basil said:
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Glad they doubled down on the wholesome Dad vibes from the mando

And when I heard Thrawn  get mentioned and the possibility of him in live action I wanted to scream



I was at work and I was legit just pogging the whole time.


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