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F8 menu random gun

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13 minutes ago, Dane said:

All these things were brought to their attention multiple times. Nothing happened :)

This will be my last response as I don’t want too flood the post. Obviously if this is the case and by “nothing” you mean they didn’t even say they where going to fix it then this is a issue I agree. I’d suggest you’d make a post addressing this more specifically as obviously if devs are failing to fix known issues or even acknowledge them that’s something that needs to be dealt with. In fairness though devs are human and I’m sure can’t always be up on everything but obviously they should try too even if they are volunteers. I’m kind of in a weird spot of yea obviously if there is an issue it needs to be fixed but also devs are volunteers and sometimes our expectations for them are a bit too high. I think that somewhere inbetween there’s a ideal middle ground. I understand your frustration but I believe if you communicated less aggressively that the legitamecy of this dev issue would be highlighted and something would be done (if it is a issue which I can’t tell without information)

I understand where your coming from its just that the aggression and makes it difficult for us to understand what exactly you want or are trying to say. Like I feel like this post is more of a complaint about the dev team then the random weapons at the moment.

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On a lighter note, the most that we can do at the moment is probably looking at what weapons are available via the random weapon perk and making sure they don't have any cross over with any regiment loadouts to avoid this issue.

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Holy fuck @Dane. All you do is spew toxicity and constantly harass the Devs who are doing their best, many of the lower tier developers can't actually do anything about this and all you do is just shit on them for the work that they do. We understand that the Medics got gutted because you blokes abused the tools given to you and then you ran around the community hurling insults and toxicity, even in the fucking community awards form that only myself and Cecil can see you were toxic towards the developers.

Firstly, I'm locking this, your point is invalid and null.
Secondly, I'm revoking your permissions to make posts or reply on the forums for a Month.
Thirdly, grow up.

Au revoir.

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