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The Return Of Coastal Defence Troopers! (Shore)

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Have you ever wanted to be in a regiment that has great leadership as well as being a fantastic defense regiment??
Well look no further... The return of Shore troopers has never been better!

Shore Troopers is a defense regiment that is equipped with a new loadout that is amazing! Shore is a tropical environment regiment that gets to explore beaches and other beach type environments! Why are we so special? Well...

We are now equipped with the fortification tablet! Allowing us to fortify areas instantly and holding off hostiles with a great deal of different options for all types of terrain and areas!

We also now get a turret that we can get deployed to help aid us in our defense!

Thermal detonator's are also apart of our load out! Making use of large groups of hostiles! Its never been easier to take out enemies!

What weapons do we have you ask?? Well we are equipped with the upgraded E-11 being the E-22 as well as the heavy blaster the DLT-19! Taking out hostiles with this weaponry is a walk around MH1!

Also! did I mention that we get to plant and defuse bombs! With only a test and demonstration we can make you bomb certified. When called on we can plant BIG bombs or save many life's and defuse them!

Have you also been looking to be a support or heavy trooper! Well I have got news for you! Shore Troopers are also happy to say we get 2 Support and 2 Heavy slots! Yes that's right 2 of each!!

So if your interested in joining CDT Shore well find either Yeff or Craig and we will be happy to give you more info about the regiment!




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You guys are sure making waves right now. Hopefully you’re able to coast along and do well as a regiment. 

I know a lot of people didn’t want it back, but if you can’t beach em, join em.


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