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Army Structure


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Looks really good Gusky. Can't wait to see the new changes implemented. But I was wondering if you had any details on how the regiments would be rotated. Would everyone in the regiment moving out of rotation be removed or would everyone in the regiment join the new one? and would this only happen to regiments that struggle to become popular, like EVO and Shadow.

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5 hours ago, Lister said:

ok so i dont really get the base regiment thing are you able to maybe dumb it down so like is sky gonna be the base regiment in the 275th im so confused 

@Lister My mistake for not adding it in the main post. Here's the structure with the the current regiments in it. Hopefully it will be easier to understand.




Regimental Rotations:

Regiments/battalions will only swap out under two circumstances.

  1. If the regiment dies and it is decided by IHC & management that it would be better to implement a new regiment, rather than reviving to current one.
  2. The regiment in question believes their current regiment is unsustainable (multitude of other reasons) or a new regiment would be more beneficial. Then they can petition IHC & management to change the regiment to their desired one.

Under scenario one, members may be removed from the regiment or they may be allowed to transfer to the new one. This will depend on how many active members remain in the dead regiment and IHC's discretion.

Under scenario two, all members of the current regiment will be moved to the new regiment. Same members, different loadout/model/hp


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6 hours ago, Mongo said:

Also didn't incinerator and Magma play almost identical roles on the server

incinerator troopers were the exact same as flame troopers, (flamethrower goes brrr)

but magma troopers were an RP regiment of essentially ST. They had T-21s instead of E-11, and they rp'd as environmental troops, but were essentially STs.

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