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107th Siege Squad Joins The Battle!

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the 100% brand new never before seen totally not a reskin of 442nd


A new four-person regiment within the 88th Legion, the 107th Siege Squad is a frontline fighting force trained in breaching structures and suppressing and overwhelming enemies with their elite arsenal of weapons.
First in and last out of the battlefield, the 107th are based in the brig, working closely with security personnel such as 62nd Shock and 96th Nova Divisions. They promise efficiency with their squad-based tactics and strategic role.

- FWMB-10K Heavy Rifle
- Hunter Shotgun
- Deployable Shield
- Smoke Grenade (CL3+)


This message was brought to you by the Imperial Gaming Media Team.

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  • SCHEFF changed the title to 107th Siege Squad Joins The Battle!

"For those who have more money than sense, the 107th Siege Squad is now on the donation store for 55 AUD"

Not even a minute later...

"Binny has more money than sense, its no longer on the donation store"

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