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Sky division Co position (co step down)

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It has come that time where someone else must take over the 17TH Sky Trooper Division as i will be stepping away from the server for some time due to IRL Commitments and to make sure it doesn't affect the reg, this decision was not taken lightly and i have made sure it will have as little affect as possible to the way sky runs, 【SKY-2IC】Rachel will be appointed tonight as the ACO when his cl3+ test is completed, until either IHC chooses to make him a CO or a suitable replacement is found. this is not the end of sky and i really wished i was able to stay longer to watch all my troopers grow into the fine ass troopers they all are. Additionally 【SKY-07】Lister will be taking a 2IC Position in this regiment in the future until such a time where it is otherwise changed. i will miss all of you thoroughly and really hope for the best in the future. i also realise and have made arrangements to best make sure sky continues to thrive. 

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