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Squad Shield in the Armoury.


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I enjoy having the opportunity to have clutch moments or to use squad shields in dire situations, instead of having them placed by a lucky 'Random Weapon Receiver' when they are alone and being shot at.

I do understand that this could become a lord of all power that is depended on in every event or situation but it would come with requirements for deployment, meaning purchased from the armoury then they would need IHC Approval for it's use or it is dependant on the Defcon/Off ship events.

What does a Squad Shield do exactly?


If you are not aware of what the squad shield does, it makes a dome with a radius of 2 Storm Troopers laying down. You can walk in and out of it but blaster bolts, mortars, RPGs and other projectiles or hit scan weaponry can not go through it. It lasts for 1 minute when placed and can not be destroyed, when the 1 minute expires it has a 10 minute cool down until it's next use. 

It is not able to be destroyed unlike the Engineer's fortifications (placed by the fortification tablet). The health system could be implemented if the squad shield was put in the armoury so it is not considered overpowered. Giving it maybe 10,000HP for example, an E-11 can do about 33+ damage, with a magazine size of 30 meaning it will take 304 shots from one trooper to destroy it, usually there would be more troopers or hostiles than just an ST with an E-11.

Here is a video demonstration of it being used effectively.




Here is a website explaining it's use



Purchase Squad Shield

200,000 Credits to purchase it (price can always be changed).

Deploy Squad Shield

200 Credits to deploy it.

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price to deploy would have to cost more i think 500 - 1000 credits. and i hope to have the purchase to about 100k - 175k

and that would be awesome to just have people able to deploy it when needed for things like off ships there is always use in the sheild because SOMEONE always has a turbo laser

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The trade off would be that everyone and their nan would have a squad shield now and could create massive fuck off groups of people just unable to die and EC’s couldn’t do much about it. I think it’s a good idea yeah but the reason it works in battlefront is because a. It doesn’t have garrys mod shit hit reg system so you can still get shot if your holding it in bf and b. Usually having a shield in any game restricts you to that shield as the primary weapon and it isn’t a extra weapon too have. So I think it’s a good idea but I see every person ever grabbing one unless there is some massive deterrence like a high deploy cost aswell as possibly limiting the amount of people at once who can use a shield because if Ec_1 turns a corner to see an orgy of shield wearing boys running at him he’s not gonna be able to do much about it.

edit: I was thinking of the wrong item but still stand by my point that it would be a shot show to see over 3 to 5 of these on the server at one time even at 90+ players.

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