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So I’m sitting here feeling sorry for myself after just having eaten a 1300 calorie Domino’s pizza. My fat ass is gonna walk it off tomorrow, but now I’m laying here wondering one of life’s biggest questions:

Is pizza a pie, a bread, or a... pizza?

Traditionally a pizza is made of like a pie dough and rolled out into a flat, circular... uhh... circle... and then baked with various toppings. Some might then argue that it’s a type of bread, or a flatbread, as most pizza dough contains gluten and yeast.

On the other hand, some pizzas are made ‘deep-pan’, and are effectively similar to pies. Some Americans even call these ‘pizza pies’. However, with that being said, most pie crusts have a significant difference to pizza crusts. Pies crusts generally have a ‘short’ texture, whilst pizza crusts are both crunchy and chewy.

I mean you could even argue that pizzas are like a deconstructed pie. The pizza base is the pie dough, and the toppings are all usually what you’d use to fill the pie.

So could you call it a pie, not based on the dough but on the toppings, or would it strictly be more like a bread because of the gluten that is developed to give it that chewy crunch?

What even makes it a pizza? Why is it called a pizza? The meaning of life is hidden here somewhere, I know it!

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4 hours ago, Bailey said:

Unless you're in Chicago, then pizza is pie.

EXACTLY! Why is pizza considered a pie in Chicago? Ignoring the fact that they’re Americans, what to them describes a pizza as a pie? Is it the deconstructed pie aspect of the pizza, or the fact that it’s round and... er... pie-y?

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I think the answer is to not worry about it. Just enjoy whatever you're eating without questioning it.

And If I see one more of these we're going to have to debate if your death was a homicide or a suicide






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