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New COD black ops zombies - looking for gamers


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Hello, so I’ve got the new cod and from the 4 hours of campaign that I did it was really cool, this cod actually gives you options on how you want to end it, much like gta V.

Anyway to the point I have the new CoD and I’m looking for some fellow gamers to play zombies with, so if your down just send us a message or write below, none of my mates have it which is why I’m looking for someone to play it with :) (maybe we can get a little group of 4 going and have some fun)

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3 hours ago, Clover said:

since when was a star wars imperial gaming role play server on a forums for GMOD a LFG site for COD XD

This is a community forum, and yes it is mainly related to Star Wars RP but it’s also a community and in a community people come together and have fun.
This is the type of toxicity that degrades community’s, I posted this in the general discussions section, not the imperial rp ic section...

P.s this is also an “online gaming community” so it kinda does relate

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