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This is commander Ash. Signing off

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Hey guys, Long time member ash here saying that i'm leaving imperial gaming. these past few years have been amazing, made some of the best of friends on here and some of my favorite memories.
I have made friends, some enemies and regrets. if I have hurt you in anyway shape or form wither it be my actions in character or out of character i am deeply sorry (you know who you are).
If i where to mention every single person that impacted my time on this sever this list will go on forever but here are some of them
@Wolffee Thanks for being such an amazing friend and an amazing officer to work with. Hope to stay in contact buddy
@GalleThanks for being one of my first commanders and showing me how to be a good one, deeply sorry for the last couple months of our time in shock
@Angus Another amazing friend i made in my time in SK and who was there for me during the rough times
@Solar A friend i held close to me and if it wasn't for his computer breaking on the day he would've been a great 2IC for me.
If i missed anyone that felt like you where meant to be on here just know i miss ya.
This is commander Ash. Signing off

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Is it terrifying? 

No. I don't think so. It's the way it is, you know? Everything must come to an end, the drip finally stops.

Farewell, from your old pal DT-5813 "Loyal".


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Bro im gonna miss you buddy, I will always remember those times in shock, man those where the good times, hope you find your calling and have an enjoyable life.


I'll always miss those situations we got into, even when it lead to a demotion, i will still miss those classical solar beating sessions.



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