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Engineer Fortifications Clarifying

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Hello Everyone,

A week ago at the CO meeting, it was stated that Engineers now have priority with Fortifications and I have seen a lot of people not knowing exactly what the guidelines are. Here are the propositions that have been approved, copy pasted straight from the doc.

  • All Fortification Designs (OOC Dupes) must be Approved by an Engineer of Clearance Level 2+ before being used (Death Trooper BSD Dupe and All COMPNOR Dupes are excluded). Engineers will mark down what Designs have been granted.

  • Engineer Fortification Designs take Priority over designs made by non-Engineers to avoid conflict and distraction from the situation. An Engineer may use the non-Engineer designed fortification if they wish.

  • If someone wishes to use their own Fortification, they are required to get permission from Engineers (Similar to AHC granting usage of specialist equipment).

Another thing not said here are that If an Engineer builds a fortification/Sec Checkpoint dupe for your Regiment, it will not be marked as approved as we built it ourselves.


Security Checkpoints

These were not discussed here, but the definition of a Fortification, according to Oxford is "a defensive wall or other reinforcement built to strengthen a place against attack."

A Security Checkpoint is classified as a fortification in that sense, as it is a reinforcement built to strengthen a place against an attack. For example, if a Rebel Spy tried to infiltrate the Mess Hall but SK set a Checkpoint up on third floor outside Railings, that would be a Fortification as it is defending the ship against an attack.

Although Security do have Jurisdiction on Security Checkpoints and placing them as they wish, they must use an approved Design, whether it was designed by another Engineer or a design approved by an Engineer, as it falls under the category of "Fortification."

Reminder this isn't just so the Engineers can be power-hungry, It is for Realism as it is not realistic for someone who isn't an Engineer to just be able to build a Fortification and use it as they wish as they do not have the Skills and Knowledge that an Engineer would have In Character and it is not their role to build. All designs should get approved unless there is a major design flaw etc.

Thank you for Reading :D

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