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Hello IG,

After a VERY long time and a lot of suggestions, Imperial Gaming have finally conceeded and made a Community Discord Server. This Discord Server is live (as of tonight) for all members of the community and members outside of the community who are interested in it and want to stay informed and connect with the community.

The discord has no voice channels outside of one channel based on sharing your screen if need be. The channels are ways to speak with the community and to get known outside of the forums or on teamspeak. Management and myself still want everyone to be using Teamspeak for voice communications and the forums for large posts and suggestions to the Server, the suggestions channel is for the Discord only.

There are separate rules for the Discord, they can be found in the rules channel when you enter, they are to be followed, It is a priviledge to be able to interact with the community, anyone who is seen to be causing trouble will be removed, be kind to each other.

Some Staff Members / Devs will also have power to moderate the Server, if you have a problem you can go to them.



- Bailey

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