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[SPOILERS] The Mandalorian S2E2: "The Passenger" Discussion

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This is the discussion thread for the Season 2 episode 2 of the Star Wars Show, "The Mandalorian". It, like all other discussion threads is filled with spoilers and is only to be discussed via the spoiler tag to prevent ruining the episode for others. Don't be a cunt, its simple.

I will post my thoughts later, the reason this thread is going up so early is because I won't be home to watch the episode on time tonight and don't want to make people wait to discuss it. This time I'll actually put my thoughts up instead of forgetting.



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  • Bailey changed the title to [SPOILERS] The Mandalorian S2E2: "The Passenger" Discussion

My thoughts.

These mf'ers at the start made Baby Yoda cry, fuckin assholes, they also THREATENED HIM WITH A KNIFE. "If you put one mark on him there's no place you'll be able to hide from me." the absolute balls on this man, respect. Even willing to hand over his jetpack for The Child, this was cute as fuck, especially when he got it back via remote and Baby Yoda did a small laugh and smirk, I loved it.

Doctor Mandible, the name of a dude with fuckin mandibles. What a tongue in cheek name.

The way Baby Yoda looked at that Krayt Dragon meat made me smile a very happy smile.

I've never heard it before, but it makes sense that people wouldn't want to travel anywhere "sub-light" since it'd make it easier for pirates to run you down.

Baby Yoda lookin at those eggs like the ultimate fucking forbidden snack right at this moment, and it worries me that the boy is about to fuckin chow down. Yep, he just ate a baby, what a little fuckin animal.

The New Republic being nice dudes is interesting, even if they are being a tad overbearing. Then the chase scene was fuckin awesome, good use of the clouds by Mando.

The X-Wing interior is synonymous with the Star Wars: Squadrons interior, that's fuckin sick continuity.

Baby Yoda is a fuckin monster, just ate hella babies. Fuckin dawg. I love Baby Yoda but dog move bro, dog move.

Damn...this bitch really brought the Mandalorian code into this.

Baby Yoda really fucking loves eating babies, baby fish people, baby spiders, and now Mama Spider is not happy with him. Did Master Yoda partake in this shit? Little dude loves his wack food, maybe big yoda liked it as well.

I tabbed out for most of the chase since I hate spiders with a passion, sorry fellas.

Mando squishing that spider with his bare hand was cool as fuck tho, no cap.

SHE SAVED BABY YODA WITH HIS BLASTER, GOOD SHOTS FISH LADY, SICK CUNT. Poor Baby Yoda with spiders on his head. She saved him even after the little cunt ate her children a bunch.

Damn, even after he ran from the New Republic they came back to save his ass, what good blokes. Then they left him in the snow, these motherfuckers got me all confused.



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Considering the last episode 

this one was good, it highlighted the mandos good deeds and the lengths he'll go to get the child to safety 

but the rest was kind average, good action scenes but the rest was alright 

I liked the ant guy  


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Boring filler episode imo. Cool action scenes but no plot progression at all.

Cool world-building with the New Republic and mentioning pre-Empire stuff. They kept the A280 sound effects, which was neat.

Overall it wasn't as good as Episode 1.


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The episode was enjoyable but I feel as if they hardly progressed.

Baby yoda made me smile the whole video which was great, seeing remaining republic remnants was cool as well.


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Keeping it short to single points, this time around.

- Loved the start, Tatooine scum can fly now...
- Frog lady interesting concept... not sure what to think of this "Only one planet they can live on", like wth you doing on Tatooine then.
- Surprised no one attacked them while they were just leaving Tatooine...
- Sad, but yet understandable that Boba has not yet interacted with them. We have literally no idea what Boba has access to besides Tusken equipment.
- Baby Yoda is a fucking murderer. You can't hate him for this... he does it in such an adorable manner.
- New Republic making yet another appearance, Dave Filoni also making another appearance.
- Din Djarin's ship the 'Razor Crest' really do sound like a German Stuka (Ju-87) dive bomber.
- Spiders... Baby Yoda really do fucking eat spiders.
- Why does frog lady remain in the heated water for so long before reacting.
- Cooking spiders +1
- One spider tried to attack our already kickass mando, got crushed.
- Either there are two very large spiders, or that bitch did a fake out.
- More cooking spider action.
- Loved the interior of the ship after the Spiders raided it.
- Semi-Victory music playing as their attempted departure gets foiled, semi-victory music ends.
- New Republic come to save the day, to some degree.
- I really hope Din Djarin tied shit down.

Story Progression - 7.5/10 (2nd Episode in, I don't expect much besides keeping the story flowing from where we left off.)
World Building - 10/10
Character Development:
Din Djarin - 7.5/10 (Good to see that Mando runs into communication problems upon occasion).
Baby Yoda - 10/10 (He's a murderer, clearly on the path to the Dark side.)
Peli Motto (Spaceport 3-5 Lady) - 4-5/10 (Seemed kind a tad bit off for dialog exchange)

This is literally only the 2nd Episode of the Season, I don't expect much story progression to occur.
We've been setup on a path to find a Mandalorian, by next episode I expect us to have encountered or arrived on the same planet. Though I think we might just be departing for said planet mid-end of the next episode.

Yes I liked the episode.


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Lol, I loved at the start where Mando tricked the scavenger scum into having his Jetpack for baby Yoda, Then Mando controls his jetpack and fucks him up by ejecting him out of the Jetpack, Making him splatter and his body hits the rough sand.  Imagine Sky Troopers could do that......


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