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Arma 3 Official Scheduled Nights and times

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My proposal;

So I know we've been playing Arma 3 a lot recently and we've tried to organize a few missions here and there and they haven't quite worked out. I would like to suggest Official times for Arma 3 missions so that people know when they are on they can be put in the Arma 3 channel description and members will be able to find them easily.

Days of the week / times I'd like to suggest;

Friday Nights - 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM // Peak hours for Gmod so its not like we're going to miss a few players.

Saturday Afternoons - 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM // This is primarily because people usually go out on Saturday Nights but can always just push this to 8:00 PM as well.


Also if you guys want to do an unofficial time you should Spam TS3's global chat a few times or poke all of the players with Arma 3 Tags, anyway thanks for reading and hopefully you take this into consideration.

- Martibo

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