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[SPOILERS] The Mandalorian S2E1: "The Marshal" Discussion

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This is the discussion thread for the Season 2 premiere of the Star Wars Show, "The Mandalorian". It, like all other discussion threads is filled with spoilers and is only to be discussed via the spoiler tag to prevent ruining the episode for others. Don't be a cunt, its simple.

I will post my thoughts later, the reason this thread is going up so early is because I won't be home to watch the episode on time tonight and don't want to make people wait to discuss it.


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  • Bailey changed the title to [SPOILERS] The Mandalorian S2E1: "The Marshal" Discussion

Too many fucking Banthas died in this episode. I hate it so much.

Aside from that I really liked the entire vibe of this episode, some notes;

  • Loved the return of Amy Sedaris as the mechanic chick - would be nice if she becomes more important later on, seems like a character with a lot of untapped potential.
  • The actor playing 'The Marshal' looked way too scrawny to be in the armor, glad mando actually got it back in the end.
  • Nice recap of the invasion by raiders and my dude using a missile on the car. Jawas always up my serotonin levels.
  • Seeing this different side of Tusken Raiders really fucked with me personally. Literally flipped them from the enemies to misunderstood natives doing everything they can to survive after being pushed aside and having their resources (like water, mentioned in that scene where the Marshal refuses to drink) by Tatooine's inhabitants.
  • Villagers & Tuskens collaborating to destroy the Krayt Dragon was an awesome scene. My man even has acid vomit.
  • The scenes where the sand people bolted from the Dragon and danced over a massive pearl made me chuckle, nice additions.
  • Temuera Morrison's return as Boba Fett is fucking amazing. Glad to see they didn't replace him with a different actor.
  • The holographics throughout the episode and the concept art at the end looked extra poggers than usual. Overall the special effect was on point as always.
  • John Leguizamo cameo as the crime boss was nice to see as well.


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Season 1 Predictions:
Chapter 5 'The Gunslinger'
Upon reading that Title and knowing the planet this episode would take place on, I highly expected an appearance by the 'Gunslinger' revealed either to be the famed "Boba Fett" or "The Marshal". The individual seen at the end of that episode, paying a visit to the dead Ming-Na Wen's Fennec Shand dawned some form of Karma, or cloak along with some highly noticeable spurs sound effect by each step taken by the individual.

Season 2:
8:10 - Din Djarin learns of a Mandalorian on Tatooine
Having Promised not to be the one that kills Gor Koresh. After leaving Gor Koresh strung up to a lamp post, after brief dialog not long after walking away, Din Djarin turned around and disabled the light post by shooting the light, Gor Koresh fell victim to the currently unknown planet's native fauna which clearly have a hatred for the light much like the Fyrnock, seen in SW: Rebels on the remnants of Fort Anaxes and seen in The Clone Wars: Season 7 while in the wilderness of Anaxes.

11:09 - R5-D4's Appearance (Link)
A Small nod to a droid who gave-up the chance to be free from the Jawa's, R5-D4 also known as R5 or "Red" by Luke Skywalker, was going to be the initial purchase back in Episode IV: A New Hope, when the Jawa's had presented many droids out on the yard of the Lars family farm.

«I'm R2-D2, and I'm on an important mission."
"I'm R5-D4. No mission— that I know of. My memory was wiped four years ago.» ―R2-D2 and R5-D4

«Thank you, friend. You may have saved the galaxy today. I will never forget you.» ―R2-D2, to R5-D4

Seems like R5 Managed to find a home after giving up being sold to a family years earlier.
Clearly a hero to the Rebellion. 

12:15 - Small Tusken Raider Camp
A reminder that our boy, Din Djarin is capable of communicating and somewhat be-friending the Tusken Raiders.

14:55 - The Marshal 'Cobb Vanth' & Din Djarin's First Encounter
The level of detail they put into Din Djarin (The Mandalorian) as Cobb Vanth requests two drinks and then asks Din Djarin to join him for a drink.
Din Djarin is first confused by the gesture, turning around and holding his position for a moment, before he finally starts to head for the table to "Join him for a Drink".
Upon Din Djarin taking off his helmet, the Mandalorian is stunned by the removal of the helmet, further confusing him before he immediately understands the implication of the individual having removed his helmet.

Overall, I enjoyed this encounter.

18:05 - The Appearance of the Greater Krayt Dragon
Far from being considered your average Krayt Dragon, this is our first live-action appearance at 18:36. Upon seeing this seen I thought It would be one of two things, a moving Sarlacc or a Greater Krayt Dragon, judging by the size of the up-lifted sand as it travels underneath the surface.

There seems to be a wide variety of appearances to the Krayt Dragon and Greater Krayt, as the one seen in S2E1 of The Mandalorian, seems to be missing some identify able limbs such as legs and feet... Perhaps the Krayt had just too well hidden it's limbs.

Just going to skim over a fair bit...
- Backstory of Cobb Vanth or refresher for those who haven't yet met the character in his previous appearances in SW: Canon.
- Cobb Vanth & Din Djarin's Journey to the Krayt Dragon's cave.
I think the encounters with the Massiff's and Tusken Raider's were great. Some people might think that Din Djarin had communicated with the Massiff's in "their language", but in fact the Mandalorian had spoken in the Tusken language to calm the animals.

30:17 - RIP.
Amazing, yet I kinda expected / hoped for something like that to occur.
@Bailey over here laughing over the actors running away from the Krayt Dragon. Ngl was pretty funny watching the Tusken run.

37:38 - Speaking Sand, Listening in for the Sleeping Dragon.
Interesting, yet an effective method of identifying if the Krayt Dragon was present.

38:38 - Tusken Ballista Weapons
Neat, can't wait to make projectile based launchers to fire at starships.

42:20 - Krayt Dragon Acid
Yeah, ok. What a slaughter.

- Krayt Dragon isn't killed, expected.
- Krayt Dragon basically terraforming the mountain
- Mando & Marshal double team the Krayt Dragon
- Good to know the sound effect for Boba Fett's jetpack is still the same as Return of the Jedi.

45:26 - Boba Fett's Jetpack
Yeah, another callback when Din Djarin hit Cobb Vanth's jetpack with his rifle, causing it to activate. 

... Bantha Bomb ...

48:27 - Greater Krayt Dragon Pearl
At the age of 15, a Tusken became an adult, and had to slay a krayt dragon and cut out the precious pearl found in its stomach to gain their adult role in their tribe.
Child Warriors... Anyways. Tusken's Killed Krayt Dragon's for a variety of reasons. The large amount of water they can carry, the Pearl and the right of passage for their people.
Tusken's are very much afraid of the beasts and most of the time run scarce at cry of a Krayt Dragon.

49:03 - The Gunslinger
We now all know the truth, but an added callback and a very identifiable robe. The long awaited return or continuation of this story has begun.
Boba Fett has returned...

Now that we know Boba Fett's newly dawned appearance, we now know for certain it wasn't the Marshal who made an appearance in the Gunslinger, Season 1: Episode 5.
If you listen carefully you can also hear a spurs sound effect after each step he takes. The robes & the spurs are Boba Fett's identifiable features at this time.

Season 2 (Overall) or Episode 2 Predictions
Clearly, something is going to go down between Din Djarin and Boba Fett.
Momentary conflict is expected between the two at the very least.

I don't believe Boba Fett would take kindly to the existence of a force sensitive being, who the Din Djarin sometimes refers to as a "Jedi".
I suspect some conflict might occur because of the force sensitive individual, yet I'm also unsure to whether Boba Fett would bring harm to the "Child", as it is simply just a child.

Overall, I enjoyed the first Episode of the season.


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The hologram recording of the DS-02's destruction was not a live broadcast. It was likely a recording that got transmitted to the rest of the galaxy. Because remember, the Empire tried to block all information of the Death Star's destruction, and with that prevent information of the Emperor's death. Considering the fact that Tatooine is an insanely backwater world in the outer rim, the scene with the cheering and the miners massacring cantina patrons likely occurred at least a few months after the DS-02's destruction.


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