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So tonight after I played an awkward game of among us with a bunch of randoms I just met through a childhood friend, My girlfriend came in telling me that Ice are rocks (completely out of the blue). I told her that they're not and that Ice is a mineral and she was like no. The periodic table labels ice a mineral and I learned in class years ago that minerals are described as solids that are stable at room temperature. But then she looks up Wikipedia and changes her argument saying that it's not for water ice. So. What is Ice? a mineral, a rock or a liquid that looks and feels funny. 

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Ice is both a rock... and mineral... it can be both. 
it ain’t a liquid... but it can become one. (U don’t call Iron a liquid unless it’s in a molten state...)

if it’s just Ice.. then it’s just water. Then it’s just a single mineral rock. Like limestone...

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