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Better late than never, good luck everyone!


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Hey guys I know alot of you are doing your HSC or whatever it is called where your from and people are also doing yearly exams in general. Good luck everyone! As someone who graduated with a 91.72 ATAR with ADD, all I can say is study helps but not when you overload yourself! Get sleep, take breaks and stay healthy because it is better to have a good study session than a long unproductive one. Don't be shy to chuck in those LOAs and make sure that in this time you are putting your education first because there is a freedom to being able to do what you want in Uni or wherever you go after school. Even if you don't get the mark you need make sure you are not aiming low out of pessimism! The higher you aim the higher mark you will get! I believe in everyone and wish you all the best of luck!

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14 hours ago, Kamelieon said:

I'm not excited for year 11 next year :(

you got this dude, trust me use year 11 to build good study habits if u haven't already cause year 12 is where it counts. Year 11 is easy and it'll seem hard at the time but it's nothing compared to HSC. 

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1 hour ago, Bailey said:

ONLY got a 91.5, this cunt.

Bro I’m not even willing to share mine

nah like as long as you end up doing something u enjoy that's kinda all that matters, atar doesn't mean shit after you start getting work experience 

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