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Community Meeting Recording 18/10/2020

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Community meeting recording for all the nerds who missed it or wanna watch it again

- 2020 Class President Nominee 

(The video qualities gonna be trash the HD shit is still processing and this bugger is over a hour long)


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I believe my microphone may have been of whisper for the explanation on the timeline so I will explain it here too.

The server is mainly based at a mix between the years 5BBY and 0BBY (The Rebels Series through to Rouge One and A New Hope), however, there are instances where things are pulled from the early Imperial era and shortly post Yavin for more content and RP opportunities not only passive but for event plots too.



For Example of Time Conflicts:

- Inquisitors were dead by the end 3BBY where Thrawn was promoted to Grand Admiral at the beginning of 2BBY. (Purge have no appearances in this time-frame and are presumed dead long before 5BBY)

- Inferno Squad exist. They were created by “Inspector General Garrick Versio” on his promotion to Admiral to make sure defeats like the one at the battle of Yavin with the destruction of the Death Star and death of much of the empires leadership including Grand Moff Tarkin, Colonel Yularen and Admiral Motti would never occur again.

- Gallius Rax. He works for the NIA at the rank of Commander and reports to Colonel Yularen as a hidden figure to later carry out the contingency in the event of the emperors death.

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