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Thoughts on Game of Thrones S8


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24 minutes ago, Neptune said:

pretty good


  • The future of Westeros is essentially decided by Tyrion Lannister who had been in jail for weeks. Decided in one episode, where all the Lords and ladies just agree because Tyrion suggests it. Previously would of taken episodes to learn all the characters interests and motivations. The same Tyrion who admitted 5 mins previously he has been wrong about everything but hey I might be right this time.
  • Bran is elected King relatively unknown to the rest, they accept it.
  • Bran said throughout the whole season the throne doesn't matter only the true threat from the north, he cant be a lord or king he's the three eyed raven now. Then states after Tyrion's speech 'Why do you think I'm here.'
  • Sansa declares independence from her own brother just to be queen and everything accepts it. Even though the dorne and iron islands are historically separate and wanted independence for a long time.
  • Brans powers never really explained, doesn't tell us why he was warging to crows when the Night King was there.
  • 8 seasons build for the Night King to be killed in one episode with no in depth clarification of him, his motives, his generals or the three eyed raven.
  • Nothing on thoughts or opinions of iron isles, Dorne, The reach, the vale, to Bran being king.
  • 8 seasons of the prince that was promised for the prince to be prince of what exactly?
  • Jon snow being Targaryen for seemingly no reason really.
  • Euron kills Dany's dragon easily then can't hit a shot afterwards.
  • Battle of winter fell dragon fire pretty useless, battle of kings landing destroys anything.
  • Character development lack severely, all of these things could have happened with correct development.
  • Grey worm wants justice gets nothing? Tyrion free, Jon free and his queen dead? He had no problem slaughtering soliders in the streets, but won't kill a queen slayer on the spot?
  • Did Arya kill anyone on her list apart from Walder Frey, Mervyn grant, Polliver and Rorge?
  • Cersei and jaime died in the one spot with rubble. Euron and Jaime fight was just.. pointless.
  • Sansa decides that the true born heir to the stark name, Brandon Stark that have been followed by the north for generations won't follow a stark when they become king. Say what?
  • It rushed to conclusions that were not earned at all. They had no weight to them.
  • The north is now an independent country and yet, they still send Jon Snow to the wall? Sansa could pardon him at any time. With war very very unlikely with her brother being King.
  • Did Arya even kill someone with green eyes by the end of the season?... Nope.
  • What's the point of the wall? Theres nothing to watch.
  • We saw the battle of Winterfell with the night king and yet there's so many dothraki and unsullied left? The whole castle was over run? They nearly all died?
  • Things we still dont know? Azor ahai The three eyed raven The faceless men The lord of light The children of the forest
  • The lone wolf dies but the pack survives. Hey let's all spilt up. Arya of the Carribean.
  • Azor Ahai Jon Snow, "born of smoke and salt, dagger plunged into the heart of the one true love." For no reason. Go to the wall.
  • What happened to Arya's "wearing faces" thing?
  • What happened to the Dorne storyline?
  • Why did no one speak out when the North wanted to be independent? (esp. The Iron Islands)
  • Why did Brienne leave the north and come south when she pledged to protect Sansa?
  • Why does Jon have to take the black when there's like 0 threat anymore?
  • What about the letters which Varys allegedly sent out?
  • What is the impact of Jon's parentage now?
  • What is the state of the Vale?
  • Why didn't Bran warn Dany about the ambush by Euron? (Don't even get me started on the logic or the execution of the ambush)
  • What happened to Meera?
  • What about Howland Reed?
  • Why did the NK turn on the Children of the Forest?
  • What is that symbol the NK uses mean?
  • Can the NK talk?
  • Who was the person that they turned into the NK?
  • Why did the NK look different in the Children of the Forest caves in Dragonstone?
  • What did Varys here in the fire?
  • What happened to Nymeria?
  • Is Jaqen going to try and kill Arya?
  • Did the faceless men know Arya was going to leave them?
  • Did Syrio live?
  • What is the backstory behind Arya's dagger?
  • What happened to the wildling coalition after they went back north?
  • What was Bran warging in during episode 3?
  • Did Bran know this was all going to happen?
  • What was Edmure doing after the freys were killed?
  • Why did the iron islands just accept Yara again?
  • What happened to the prophet from Qaath?
  • Who/what is the lord of light?
  • What happened with Illyrio and his scheming?
  • What was the NK's motivation?
  • Why did he have to kill Bran himself?
  • What exactly was the connection between the 3 Eyed Raven and the Children of the Forest?
  • What happened with Daario?
  • What happened to Meeren?
  • What happened to Aastapor and the other slave cities?
  • How did Qyburn bring back the mountain, was it science or some sort of blood magic?
  • What happened/is going to happen with the iron bank?
  • Who is going to be the head of X, Y, Z houses now?
  • So what is the deal with the brotherhood now?
  • Who do the lord of light worshipers follow now, Dany or Jon?
  • Who was Melisandre?

This is a list from reddit that sums up my entire thoughts on Season 8, absolute fucking shit. So many plot points left dangling, so many arcs absolutely fucking decimated. Fuck D.B. Weiss and David Benioff, pack of cunts.

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