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Best star wars movie??

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So I been thinking...

What's the best star wars movie that's been made?

Should let the community know your thoughts and have a very civil discussion on it.


Personally, star wars episode 5 was the best one btw but 6 is a close contender.

we dont speak of the disney takeover

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I really like the whole original trilogy as a whole, with Return of the Jedi being my favourite, however, I really like Revenge of the Sith, might be bias since I love the Clones so much :)

Rogue One is also a top contender for sure.

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I consistently swap between New Hope and Empire however, New Hope edges out I think. I also have some hot takes.

  • Rouge One is overrated and the Scarif battle tricked everyone to thinking the whole move is good. Don't get me wrong I love the Scarif Battle, the movie looks awesome and Krennic is a cool villain but the rest of the move is kind of meh its only the last third of the movie that gets me going.
  • Solo is a slept on. Its a fun movie the only thing I don't like about it is the lighting and the Maul teaser
  • I have almost no words to describe how much I hate that people are tricked into thinking the Prequals are good recently. Shit like r/prequelmemes have somehow made people think that they are good. Even as a kid I could not stand watching Episode 1 or 2 they are some of the most boring movies to watch and have the Rouge One problem but dialled up to 11 where you have the Maul fight and Geonosis like once again I like both of those but that doesn't excuse everything leading up to it. Episode 3 at least has something to make my adhd brain go "haha pew pew laser sword" throughout most of the movie.
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