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Disclaimer: I accidentally posted this pre-maturely so sorry for the notification on the server, ill continue to update this throughout the next hour or so (This was meant to be a huge huge post)

Imperial Gaming

Community Hub - Issues and Suggestions sub forum

  • This isn't desperately needed, but I feel that an added sub forum to the community hub can and will seperate Imperial suggestions from community wiode suggestions, whether it be a new server suggestion to a community wide suggestion, this forum will be a perfect place for my upcoming suggestions so I dont have to keep posting it in here <3.

Forum Achievements

  • A way to diversify the forums a tad is to introduce a forum achievement system, a couple forums have them and they are more prevalently found in MyBB, the current milestone system that is on the forum is per post count/reputation (I think its reputation, I could be wrong), each milestone gets you a new badge, but with a added achievement system it could bring in new stuff for the forum and make it look sexier. Although this may increase in shitpost counts, but I feel this community is very lowkey on its shitposting.
  • Name: Suggestor
  • Name: Owner
    • Picture: https://imgur.com/a/im9xgsl
    • How to Achieve: Only achievable by Owners of the community
  • Name: Agreeable 
  • Name: You got me there.
  • Name: Talkative 
  • NameDon't you know who I am??
  • Name: Veteran
  • Name: Gametracker king
  • Name: Hacker Man
  • Name: Management
  • Name: Insightful
  • Name: Forum Lurker
  • Name: 100/500/1000/1500/2000/2500/3000 Posts
    • Picture: Just a simple picture of 100/500/1k so on
    • How to Achieve: Post (x) amount of times
  • NameArtisto
    • Picture: https://imgur.com/a/BZNpG30
    • How to Achieve: Make an art piece for Impeiral
  • Name: Opinion Leader
  • The list could go on with each achievement, hopefully there would be a cap for the achievements so each user isn't filled to the brim with achievements. This is just an aesthetic/interactive system where by being active on the forums and posting regularly (besides shitposting) can and will reward you. I don't know how this could be implemented with already existing reacts on the forums, like will certain people instantly get the achievement based on what they already have? Possibly, a way you could do most of these achievement is to add a hook to what a user posts and how he/she gets reacted and go from there. Also borders around the images would make it a bit aesthetically pleasing.
  • The achievements would go just beneath the post count in small boxes (enter widthxheight)
  • Keep in mind also the picture is just a placeholder to give you a rough idea, the Graphics Team (if they wanted to) can make all the icons custom.

Delete Option for threads/topics/posts

  • Title. Honestly I can see why you wouldnt add this because its more of a think before you post kind of thing, but it would still be nice to delete certain topics.

Forum Songs

  • Bit of an iffy thing with this one, certain addons require alot of tweaking because of songs playing too loudly/not loud enough but this could be a good addition to show the communitys likeness in songs when you visit to browse their profile.
  • Example placeholder: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/9514-profile-songs/

Programming/Development Sub Forum?

  • A way for developers around the community to share in their own development interest projects, maps, models, coding, graphic design etc. (Even a business HR chart techincally counts as development in a way). This section could possibly merge into Media if you really wanted to conserve space, but a forum that allows users to view and post on developement interest projects allows users to share creativity and get new people into new hobbies.
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I love the badge/achievement system idea. It's a great way to reward community members and will make them feel accomplished and appreciated. It's especially good for flex sake :D the badge designs will also give job oppurtunity to the graphic design team!

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4 minutes ago, SCHEFF said:

As long as they are rewarded retroactively, I'm down

Certain rare achievements would have to be actually given, most of the achievements however are hooked based - Most achievements can be fitted to count forum reactions, posts, ranks etc and reward you based on what you have.

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I've had a read of this, and I really like it. Sorry I couldn't get to it sooner, I was picking up some stuff from my Aunt.

- Community Issues & Suggestions has been created, really great idea, thank you :)
- The badges are something I've actually wanted to do for a while and I plan to use an addon from a while ago - https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/9669-awards/ (however it only works for 4.4 and 4.3 whereas we're on 4.5), I have gotten in contact with the author of this addon - https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8429-trophies-and-medals/ to speak to him about whether or not we are able to get the trophies to show up on posts or not.

- I don't want to do the delete option, simply because I'd rather make it public knowledge if someone says something foolish, they can happily edit or retract it later down the line.
- Profile songs in my opinion are a tad tacky and is just something that I'd rather not have to deal with if it breaks or something goes wrong with it, on top of this, I don't like automatically playing sounds that can't be stopped by people.
- Development and Programming has been added to the Community Hub as well, I've decided to remove Community Game Night (it may come back eventually) due to lack of need for it at the moment, and if someone wants to organise a game night they can literally just post in random or general discussions.

Thanks for the suggestions Higashi, glad to see them.

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