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For those who have the game, I was wondering if we wanted to play a few games of Squad. Squad is a hyper realistic strategic first person shooter. From the way that some of the game features work you could think that it is almost a birds eye RTS where you click and tell squads to move here, build here and kill this. It is such a fun game full of such an amazing community and I think we, being a milsim ourselves would have a blast! I have already been playing it so much and been having so much fun, I think it would be cool if we gave it a go, seeing how people do leading realistic combat situations instead of clusterfucks that are our massive groups on those tiny gmod maps. The maps are huge and squads are normally very spread out. You get to use mounted guns on humvees and trucks, tanks, mortars, machine gun placements anti tank, fly choppers or just run around. The game is a bit pricey but it is also very much worth the money. Let me know what you think!

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1 hour ago, Pvtanderson said:

ig squad night with the star wars mod surely


2 hours ago, Bailey said:

They also have the coolest fucking Star Wars mod for a game known to man.


Surely IG vs GG right

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