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Spooktober 2020 Competition (What do you think?)


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Now, it's coming close to being my favourite part of the year also known as Spooktober. This is a quite competitive time for the server as seen last year with Kumo's amazing Scream Team x Boo Crew x ... I think Skeleton Squad (I forgot sorry) race for the title or the best house, Scream Team obviously being victorious! Scream Team! But I would like to hear what everyone believes this years competition is going to be. Maybe a scavenger hunt, maybe a To-Do-List maybe something chill, who knows! ;) Other than the people running it. Post in the comments what you think it may be.


(See you soon - Scream Team MVP)

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Spelling Mistake
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so these were the posts that caused my thank you staff team post to disappear....

3 hours ago, Kamelieon said:

Bunk trick or treating :thumbsup:



1 hour ago, Delta said:

So god help me if i see more than 2 people wearing an among us pac



1 hour ago, Echo said:

kinda sus Delta *votes for Delta*


53 minutes ago, Clover said:

* sees storm with catgirl ears * me: where is my god damn ak-47


  • Facepalm 1
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