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Do you ever just?

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At times like these when the server is down, do you ever just find yourself yearning for that map ambience, that slow churning of the reactor that can be heard and felt throughout the ship. Do you ever just wish to be able to feel it coursing through your bones, vibrating up your spine and knocking on the door to your brain.

The constant screeching of TIE fighters flying around the ship, the sound just on repeat and at the same ear piercing volume. Making you wish for a quick and painless death but you can just tell that nothing is painful once you endure that sound.

The sounds of climbswep abuse echoing through the halls followed by the crack of broken bones. The very unfazed cry of the person saying "ow". 

The terrible microphones, the constant use of voice_maxgain because you can't hear anyone. The shouting, the spamming, the cutting out. All of it melting into one big puddle that floods your brain with headaches.

Do you ever miss the constant entertainment of funny minges andthe satisfaction of them getting warned? 

The constant spamming of your salute bind when you walk down a crowded hallway or whenever someone new comes into the room. 

The constant infatuation with gambling that Imperial Gaming is indoctrinating children with from an early age.

The beauty that is a mexican standoff between any two parties in RP.

Do you ever miss that sound of a thousand doors opening and closing as you walk through bunk hallways on the first and third floors.

How unorganized debriefs can be. 

How thicc @Pro is.

Do you ever miss it?

I feel as though by the time anyone sees this post the server will be back up.

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If I said anything I would probably get hunted on gmod so I'm not going to say anything.



ever wished to be a catgirl? wait nvm I already did that in rp

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I've left the server twice, I never missed anything, yet I've somehow joined back twice.

Edit: I guess I missed looking down on people - I am a nice person :D 

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Honestly I come onto the server because it's the only place that a bunch of star wars nerds get together and rp with their mics and don't feel weird. I can't find that sort of interaction anywhere short of possibly Arma 3.

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