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Send me your best memes

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This is a Competition that i will donate 20k credits to you if you win.


You can send your best star wars/IG memes in the comment section and who ever recieves the most positive feedback will win said credits.

please don't make them too offensive as i don't want to be gettin banned out here.

So whenever you react with a positive feedback or like that is like a vote for you want this person to win.

this is all for fun and for a laugh.

everyone is welcome to send your memes.

you can also chip into the final prize.

please react fairly and non biased.

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aight i will leave this up for 72 more hours make your memes if you want to make memes. the person with most funny/like reactions will get 20k. hope you guys all had a laugh in the process i found this a really positive and funny idea where everyone got a laugh and a bit of a chuckle so yeah enjoy what other content people have to bring!


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