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Army... Yes I know, bandwagon Much.


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So, another post on the Army trend, I know, it's stirred a lot of shit recently, but I need some things straight.

First off, before because get out pitchforks and the comments get heated, I want to try, like crofty, to keep the comments professional. This is a professional conversation and discussion for the Imperial Gaming server to hash out. Voice your opinions, voice them passionately! Be rude to me, I don't care, it's the internet. Don't be rude to eachother though.


Now, with that out of the way... Army...


Over the past year, since before the big overhaul in January, the Army Branch of ImperialRP has been in an iffy state. I'd know since I've been sticking to Army this entire time. I've gone through a few regiments and seen this most places. I won't say how I perceive army's current state, for I want to know how the community thinks of it, and possible solutions. Keep in mind, these solutions, need to be viable. They also need to be more than just 'New Content' or the like. That doesn't help. It could be structural changes, leadership changes, etc. 


So, dear community I know and love, how is Army at the moment?


p.s I made this post so people, staff or otherwise can see how the community, tall and wide, Army or Non-Army perceives the branch, be blunt in how you feel. You may not feel the need to post a solution, there are many, so many bright people in our community, I'm sure we can think up one from your perceived flaws/traits.

p.s.s (or p.p.s or whatever it is), I primarily want to see if the community sees anything negative about Army at the moment. The people of Army know the positives in it, know some of the negatives of it, and we (by we I mean I, but could also mean we) want to see your opinions.


EDIT: thanks Bailey for pointing out my awful speelin mistake

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  • Mauler changed the title to Army... Yes I know, bandwagon Much.

Suh dudes, Mauler here again, with another post at 2:30 AM, yes, I never sleep.


Here's a form. https://forms.gle/quvd2igAYJfCKcjRA Blame @Misahu and @Dirthi for persuading me to make one. It's probably not even got everything they want on it.

Let me reiterate above. Keep responses Civil. The form is so I, and whoever I share the results (not who made them for anonymity) to later down the track, however I encourage debate and discussion below.

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Hello Mauler oh ma gad. 

Here my onion opinion

How to fix army for dummies v342

1. Remove Shadow. Replace with RANCOR or SCAR or another regiment. 

2. Decrease slots of EVO and SKY to 8 (8 is gamer number)

3. Remove Tasers from NOVA (sorry my friends) 

4. A long shot. But Merge SK & NOVA 

Reason being NOVA don't really do anything outside of events. Except shooty shoot. So why not merge them. IHC can request SK guards when they want them. Shock struggling         for numbers and the appeal of the regiment has been pretty bland lately. So merge the two, problem solved. 

5. Bring in some commanding officers / normal officers that offer RP outside of events. 

 People like Joel and Tinky do this perfectly. They are always running some form of activities for storm troopers, hence why I enjoyed my time in ST's so much. 

 This literally comes in the form of, trainings, literally moving boxs to storage, get some passive RP going with NAVY. Do Literally anything and get your regiment engaged with regiments.

6. Not gonna cap. As much as I love y'all IHC. I would personally like to see more leadership. You were put in the role for a reason. Most events i see maybe 1-2 ocomms. Where is the command. Command your legion / army. You have the role for a reason. I just wanna see more command in game :) 

7. Teach your officers how to engage with your regiment. The reason why the 501st are so successful is because of their community. Whilst this is Imperial Gaming. PLAY OTHER GAMES. Communicate, start to create a community that is actually engaging and fun. 

8. Also remove the inactive CL3's. Officers shouldn't be able to go inactive in a regiment and hold other players back from progressing on the server. Hence why players join the server, see that he cant succeed as there is no one to lead them.  (Im sure those inactive CL3's would love a Warrant Officer I slot in ST's)


Okay. That is the guide. If you struggle to follow instructions or get confused send me a message


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how tired was I?
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It took me a while to work out how to phrase this post. As a disclaimer I haven't been in army for a while (excluding a recent short tenure in ST's). Personally, I believe that the problem with Army is that it needs more individuals within it dedicated to creating and pushing RP during event downtime. Events on the server are primarily hostile server wides and generally this is how army primarily engages with roleplay on the server. I believe that CO's and Officers should be guided more in how to create RP for their regiment during downtime. Simple things like making unique dupes for training or making themed combat dupes go a long way to engage players during downtime between events. 

In my prior instance within ISB, I spent a lot of time watching people and its a behaviour that was hard to shake. In my opinion, CO's/officers could be taught how to engage their regiments more. My thoughts in regards to this mainly comes from how Joel/Tinky have been running STC. STC has managed to engage and actually build something great out of Stormtroopers which is phenomenal. STC constantly runs training, patrols and other roleplay in order to engage those within ST and it works amazingly. Honestly I think that if more people could take inspiration from STC that we would see a much healthier army.

As a side note, I know I'm COMPNOR/ISB, and I know that we aren't viewed as the favourite regiment on the server by many people, but I've spent a lot of time and effort in trying to create and further RP both within and outside of when I'm running events. It genuinely gets tiring when we get the finger pointed towards us as a problem that ails the Army. Within my entire time within the ISB, we never had any continuous conflict with the army that lasted more than a day or that was malicious in intent. I've never had any dislike or distain to army and I've always had a soft spot for it. Me and the rest of COMPNOR aren't vicious players who want to rip everyone to shreds, we want to see Army and the server as a whole perform to the best of it's ability. 

Regardless, to wrap it up I'm going to quote what @HenDoge said on another post that in my opinion says what I'm trying to say but in a much better way.



It’s good leadership. Whenever a higher ranking member of ST Command is on, they’re giving everyone something to do. We’re going on patrols, setting up and guarding an unsecure area, even just transporting random boxes from point a to point b. The actual task itself matters less than the fact that it’s something to do that feels like a contribution to the ship. The reason that this is happening is because, fundamentally, there is someone at the top who is willing to suspend their own level of enjoyment in favour of giving others an experience that is desirable. If the most objectively weak and uninteresting regiment on the server can pull this off, there is absolutely zero excuse that another regiment can’t. It all boils down to having higher ranking members shift their perspective from “I’m here to have a fun RP experience” to “I’m here to GIVE OTHERS an enjoyable RP experience”. The Management, Staff, EM, and Dev teams can’t make this happen; It falls entirely on you as a player. RP on the server has to start somewhere, it doesn't just come out of nowhere. So why not make it start with you?


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1 hour ago, Mauler said:

First off, before because get out pitchforks


1 hour ago, Mauler said:

there are many, so many bright people in our community

Ah yes we've got so many bright people in the community... then you've got Maule

(Staff please don't log this in the bully hunter book it's merely a lighthearted joke and I mean no offence to Mauler or his family, I have said my prayers and repent all sinful actions said banter has arisen from within me god save the queen and have a great year)



When it comes to what he said tho even as one of the many people that rally for regiments to be reverted and changed to former more cool guy ones i'll admit that just adding these regiments back wont fix the branch.

Firstly army's decline isn't only a problem for army but for the server, while you think reducing slots of other branches may fix the armies problem really all you're doing is pushing users that prefer that RP away from the server, that being said certain regiments that offer less to the overall experience on the server should be looked into and while maybe slots being removed is a viable options also looks for anything you may be able to merge RP with.


For army these are my current thoughts on certain topics



I personally believe IHC should be much stricter with the current CO's and officers they have in place, I understand that GMOD SWRP isn't life and everyone has prior commitments and of course you shouldn't be punished for that. That being said you also shouldn't be able to retain your position within the server if these events don't leave you enough time to properly dedicate yourself to your regiment, I'm not talking about COs/Officers taking the occasional 1-2 week LOA that's perfectly fine and i'd even encourage it to most if they've left the regiment in a place that it can self sustain without the CO present. This is directed towards those in commanding positions that either burn themselves out and then sit in a CO/Officer position for months on basically a ROA and only get on to meet minimum requirements or those who no longer show commitment to the role and stay in the position purely so they don't lose rank. As someone who has taken on CO positions before this is something I always look out for, even if sometimes I have to leave a month after I get CO (Sorry Rancor but coochie man had to buckle down and do some work also if the person who took CO after me reads this you did a great job btw) or refusing CO positions that I get from either being the 2IC or being offered due to my general concern I wont be able to dedicate myself at the time to it. I can say sincerely that while it is tempting to abuse the good will of high command and stay in positions knowing I wont be able to satisfactorily keep up standards in the regiment I wouldn't knowing that these actions don't only affect my enjoyment of the server but others. AHC while regulating commanders seem to be pretty soft on them allowing individuals to abuse good will, of course I can't just say start being stricter on COs without at least presenting some possible ideas to enforce it.

- Weekly progress reports presented by commanders (Includes amount of training, promotions, recruitment & general notes) this would be given to the legions overseeing officer and they would be marked off as either satisfactory or not.
- Monthly regimental evaluation by IHC provided to regiments entailing them if they either need to improve or change on certain aspects (recruitment, activity, collaborations with regiments, if officers are doing well or need to improve)
- Possibly running leadership workshops for COs especially new ones to allow them to build confidence in their roles
- Having the commanders informed clearly on the authority they hold over their regiment and what actions they're able to take



Probably the last cunt to be commenting on toxicity, while I reckon i'm usually pretty tame when it comes to railing idiots for dumb shit this is more addressing serious toxicity in which members even regiments forming rivalry's (outside of RP, in RP anything goes as long as you know the in game consequences) now I know IHC aren't able to just stop toxicity I believe that if caught the punishment for purposefully witch hunting/attacking others should be treated severely and those who do should be used as an example that it wont be tolerated.

Power Plays:

Oh lord jesus have mercy are a lot of people power players in this community and i'll be completely honest when I say i'm not able to put forward a fix that i'm confident in, I'm only bringing this up as this is a main concern of mine when it comes to why army is failing and I honestly believe it's in part due to people always attempting to power play others.

Army Exclusive RP (Or just RP army is involved in):

Something that I've really been missing is when IHC use to run things like battle royals, FFAs and that for prizes/fun. These tournaments really make all the difference when it comes to enjoyment especially for trooper regiments and honestly they aren't the hardest to run/implement. I think it'd bring a large appeal back to army if weekly tournaments where ran by IHC or appointed COs in which regiments participate in to receive prizes (Also this was once talked about but in addition to Tarkins law board have something placed on on the third floor for placings in IHC ran tournaments, just something fun each regiments can compete for weekly not only encouraging them to get on but also encouraging them to train)


Also having COs and high command also focus on more situation training's/missions centered around pure combat, lets be real events are usually fun and rewarding for troopers but in battlefields you're not always working towards gathering intel/hostages, sometimes you're stationed on a battlefield for the pure reason of fighting and exchanging blows. To have more RP focus around deploying army on a battlefield with a re-spawn point and just have them constantly combat enemies for land in my opinion would be a great way to have army feel purposeful (In this I mean just setting up an under map and having it just be army deployed to fight I'm not going to go too in depth about anything due to this tip toeing into EM territory so i'll just leave my 2 cents)



I believe the major issue within army currently is poor communication and leadership structure, nobody knows who to go to and what someone can do and not do and it always end up in a shit show of confusion. COs & Officers need to be looked into and replaced, COs that aren't properly running regiments and implementing a command structure should be guided by IHC into the right path and if they fail to implement it be removed for someone that'll be more competent in the position. Activity needs to be looked at and inactive COs/Officers need to be reconsidered as to allow regiments not to die off simply due to a CO going inactive or not caring about his role. I highly recommend bringing back tournaments and I believe this'll really boost not only activity but give people a reason to train (What I mean by this is say you announce a obstacle course tournament, regiment with the fastest trooper wins and give out the dupe a week before the tournament, I can guarantee this would boost training and regimental involvement a ton). I suggest considering having evaluations implemented by having IHC and COs send each other their evaluation of regiments (COs only for their own of course) this will help COs identify problems within the regiment as well as have stronger communication with high command.

Also as you could tell this whole thing is mainly towards high command, that's cause I believe that to fix a problem you start from the head and work down and the only way to fix army to ensure that IHC and COs are working to their absolute best ability and the best people are being given these positions.




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3 hours ago, Binny said:

1. Remove Shadow. Replace with RANCOR or SCAR for another regiment. 

No point.
SCAR was literally removed and merged with shadow a long time ago.

there is literally no point in removing one regiment to replace it with a similar one 

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I've refrained from commenting on all the other army posts, but i'll make my point simple.

The success of the regiment comes purely down to the commanding officer. If you can't make your regiment fun, nobody will want to be in it. If you don't encourage activity, your regiment will die out. If you don't set up a good structure where people have to WORK to progress, there will no longer be an incentive for people to try harder. 

Now, let's take this CO/Trooper dynamic and bring it up a level, to AHC/CO. AHC needs to be there to guide and assist all regiments. AHC needs to be there to encourage and push roleplay and make sure CO's are doing their job properly.

AHC has had a major shift in the past year where you're dealing with an entirely new team. Set a standard that you want and make CO's stick to it. 

If you are a CO and you're struggling with your regiment, look for advice. Ask AHC for advice. Ask current CO's for advice, look to former CO's and how they operated and fix your problems. My inbox is always open and I will always help someone who asks for it.

Here are some general tips I suggest for leading a regiment:

1) Consistent trainings

2) Set up a good ranking/promotion structure for your regiment 

3) Promote people based on their worth in the regiment, not on their former glory or their friendship with you

4) Implement unique ideas that no other regiment has. 

5) Numbers don't matter. 5 Exceptional troopers significantly outweighs 10 poor ones. Focus on what you have, not what you think you should have.

If you create an environment worth being in, the numbers will follow. Start small, do your job right and the rest will follow.


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9 hours ago, Mauler said:

So, dear community I know and love, how is Army at the moment?


Please end my suffering I beg every time I think about the Vader’s fist loadout I cry in my sleep I can never escape the horror.

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9 hours ago, Binny said:

6. Not gonna cap. As much as I love y'all IHC. I would personally like to see more leadership. You were put in the role for a reason. Most events i see maybe 1-2 ocomms. Where is the command. Command your legion / army. You have the role for a reason. I just wanna see more command in game

This uh sound a lot like what i said on another thread ;) 

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11 hours ago, Binny said:

Teach your officers how to engage with your regiment. The reason why the 501st are so successful is because of their community. Whilst this is Imperial Gaming. PLAY OTHER GAMES. Communicate, start to create a community that is actually engaging and fun. 

I think this is a very important point. The reason 501st slaps hard is due to their active community within their legion. You cannot change my mind that the 501st are undoubtedly the most cohesive group of people on the server. 

Do your best and make your regiment fun. Give a reason to why your troopers should stay, whether it be constant engaging roleplay on the server, or a general enjoyment to just be in a group with each other. Because at the end of the day, Star Wars RP is a video game and we should all try our best to have fun and give other players a fun time on the server. Coming from the COMPNOR Director, that statement must've been hilarious. But coming from the Lead Event Master, that statement couldn't be anymore true.

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