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An inquiry about Army


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I think CO's do make a difference whether your regiment is good or not, but i also agree with the point that being in some army reg's is just like being in ST's but with different models and loadouts. 


CO's should be active and attentive to their regiments, but I don't think they should nolife their time on the server. When i first got CO, My store was closed at the time so i was out of a job and doing online schooling cause i live in VIC so i had all the time in the world to play and recruit and make EVO more enjoyable. \

Now I'm back with a job and I am going back to physical learning, i am going to be slightly less active than currently. Will i be called out for inactivity?

I think NCO's should have more power in their reg's. possibly make OC+ able to hold unsupervised tryouts and SSGT+ to hold supervised?

MSGT+ able to hold training with CL3+ approval?

and if people are going to complain about MSGT's being not mature enough for tryouts/training, then dont promote them to MSGT.

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This thread is so amusing to me. To see so many COMPNOR shills still shoveling this trash idea that they aren't stealing RP. COMPNOR is spoon fed the best RP on this server, you claim that its your co

Before I get into it I would just like to put a disclaimer that I'm not attempting to cause drama or anything of the sort, I'm simply asking for information. As it currently stands one of the big

Fred, Galle and Kamelieon said this Lets anger 70% of the forums What does, Navy, Compnor, Inquis(+ PT) and IG have that Army does not (DT are fine in my opinion, from my hearing they're self a

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10 hours ago, Setsuna said:

Storm Commandos are very active... I have seen a majority if not all of them on everyday since being attatched to the 501st.


Are you a Storm Commando? You wouldn't know if it was getting old or not unless you were active in the regiment doing their work and their jobs. And by the fact that they are continuously active, I think that if it was getting old, there would be a very different story there. Pechudo, Pro, Mouse and Lime are doing a great job with the 501st and no drastic changes need to be made to them, sure maybe some small ones here and there to stop fluxuations but removing them would remove one of the last remaining recon regiments.

Could not agree more. Ever since pechudo gained the CO role SC has been doing very well as well as all the CO's within 501st. I fear if they where removed 501st would not be as it is now.

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6 hours ago, Delta said:

Fred, Galle and Kamelieon said this
Lets anger 70% of the forums

What does, Navy, Compnor, Inquis(+ PT) and IG have that Army does not (DT are fine in my opinion, from my hearing they're self awear of themselves and their place on the server)

No matter how much people deny it, the main reason for army not being as good as it should be is the fact that any of those other regiments has 4x more authority than aany one person in army could have. 
Compnor- Security Power lords
Navy- Runs the ISD and in result can exile major generals?
Inquis- Lightsaber maniacs 
IG- Haha emperor said this 

everyone wants authority, only a select amount want full fun rp, people just want the ability to step on others and say
"Yeah but"- anyone who isn't army 

Sure some people may have good intentions, but like do you really? or do you just want Power. 
mainly the people who complain 

-Lack of positions for certain regiment 
-Lack of people listening 
- Claiming to want postions because "I can expand my rp"

This does not apply to everyone not in army 
but it's what i think when someone says
"but (Regiment) is allowed to do this"
"(higher ranking) allowed (this present action)"
"and I'm (regiment)"

I'll get downvoted to the next fucking realm for this one but it's what everyone is thinking and is the reason army lacks people.
People know they can be more powerful with being not in army and allow for their ego to grow in regiments where the only way to get your authority questioned is for another CL6 or inner circle of another regiment to come along.

Army bad since no Authority 
Player rather join regiment where player can boss people or get out of things they do 
1019656306_usethise.PNG.162eaf823a3c51b05cd871358a2840a1.PNG Make sure to use this if you're angry or mad, have fun replying to me guys

-Delta's honest opinion 

Downvoted I beg to differ sir as I agree with this especially the bit about ego as I have seen this get worse through out my time on the server so shutup and take my upvote :)

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