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BenV6 Ban Appeal

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Steam Details

Steam Name: Benn

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:131154782

Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/6ft-irl-watch-out-kid/

In Game Details

In Game Name: Honestly No idea

In Game Rank: Honestly No idea

In Game Regiment: Honestly No idea


Ban Details


How long was the ban for: Permanent 

Which staff member banned you: Kumo

What date did the ban occur: I have no idea, my ban says 11/02/20 but I know I was community banned like 2 years ago by Whitey or someone it just wasn't updated till early this year

What was the reason for the ban: There are actually so many reasons cant really pin point a defying reason Im sure lots of the old members and staff will know the plethora of reasons

Explain the situation in detail which led to you being banned: Not to sure how to answer this pretty much extremely toxic individual who did lots of bad things to players and was an all round bad person to the server and community

Why do you believe you should be unbanned / given a second chance: I'm extremely sorry for how I used to act honestly, when I reflect on my past actions and behaviors it actually disgusts me and I'm now a fraction of the individual I used to be then. Back then I was extremely childish and didn't realize the full impact of what I was doing, but now I have matured a heck of a lot more when compared to myself back then. I would also like to mention I take full responsibilities for everything I've done and everything I've previously denied doing.


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Like has been said multiple times you are banned from appealing your ban for 6 more months from today.

If you attempt to do an appeal before this time without contacting management you will be community banned with no chance of appeal.

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