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Are we going to have another community meeting in the near future?


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So it's been maybe a good 2 months or so since the last one and I reckon another one wouldn't hurt.

I'm sure considering the change over of ownership & several inner circle/high command positions being filled people have a lot on their mind about the direction of the server. Lots of talk goes around about regimental changes, content changes & the general well being of the player base and it'd be nice if we could direct a couple of those questions towards management is a public setting so everyone is on the same page when it comes to what changes are being confirmed or thought about and the ones that have already been disregarded.


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Short answer, yes.

I was planning to throw up a small dev log of recent changes and the focus for the next month or two this week and the community meeting who be announced then. I was planning on doing another a while ago but Management were finding it hard to pick a date that worked for most of us as our various life commitments were peaking.

The post should be up by Thursday and a date should be picked.


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