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Swifts PAC 3 Tier 2 Application


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  • Steam Name: [IG] Swift
  • SteamID32: 76561198153261696
  • Steam Profile Link: https://s.team/p/qmb-vdmb/HWNNVGNV
  • Current In-Character Alias: Captain Swift of Imperial Commandos
  • Time Played: 11w 5d 04th 11m 55s
  • Time Played Imperial RP Evidence: https://imgur.com/ENPcQMs
  • What have you learned about PAC since receiving Tier 2?
    Since receiving pac Tier 1 my skills and knowledge of pac have increased dramatically moving from basic uses of props, materials, halo and events to learning the use of models in all aspects that include how to overlay many models simultaneously and how to bone merge them and control and manipulating the sizing of bones. Other major tools that i've learnt the use of since receiving tier 1 is the use of is animations in my events using them to have my character crouch dive and kneel and numerous other positions that are useful in RP, I've also taken advantage of websites like Imgur who enable me to take images from the internet or designed in paint or other software and apply them to models and props giving them a unique look or display unique symbols or insignia's. Another PAC skill I've gained is the ability to use ported models taken from addons that aren't currently on the server either directly myself or through the assistance or other with modeling skills.
  • Why do you deserve PAC 3 Tier 2?
    I am deserving because of my use of pac 3 tier 1 and its improved the RP of other members of the server. For example my use of the animation tool to have my characters take more varied, tactical and realistic movements and positions for example my imperial commando character often can be viewed shooting while prone or combat rolling when appropriate. My Inquisitor character could make all kinds of saber swings imitating real saber forms, rather than the standard Rhino position or making a gesture when using the force. These animations add to other players immersion and enjoyment in RP. This will be improved even further when I can create my own custom animations and give them appropriate sound with tier 2. Up until recently creating pacs I have only sparsely used ported models of content not on the server, this is because of the complicated process needed for porting, however with tier 2 i would gain access to the experimental model tool which decreases the complexity in porting models. This tool will enable me to use ported models to a greater extent. This I believe will take my pacs to the next level making them more unique not limited to the current server content.
  • What have you created with PAC since receiving Tier 2?:
    Since Receiving pac 3 over a year ago I have created an extensive variety of PAC examples that have increased in complexity and purpose dramatically. I have created pacs for my personal characters to express and create an identity that represents their position and personality. During my time as an EM on the server I used my pac 3 to create unique creatures as enemies and machines to help or attack the empire, I also made my personal major general character (Major General Char) using pac 3 to give him a unique personality. Another use I have found for pac 3 is in producing pacs for special occasions such as Christmas or Easter for competitions i've also for other players who don't have time or the knowledge to create their own I found this especially satisfying getting reactions and receiving constructive criticism. Another thing I've created with pac 3 is prepping my character for different environments, for example Hoods and cloaks in the desert or snow, or environmental specific camouflage for my military roles.
  • PAC Tier 2 examples 


  • Example 1:
  • Example 2:
  • Example 3: Tenth Brother



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  • YaBoiSwift changed the title to PAC3 Tier 2 Application

Neutral currently leading towards a -1

The examples are indicative of a Tier 1 Applicant

Your application has a tier 1 application question rather than the tier 2 formatted questions which contradicts the application answers slightly.

Would like to see more examples that are more focused on tier 2 and examples that you would use ingame if you had been granted access to tier 2.

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  • YaBoiSwift changed the title to Swifts PAC 3 Tier 2 Application
On 10/5/2020 at 2:03 PM, YaBoiSwift said:


All prior issues with app should be solved and A further tier 2 example has been added

Why are you bumping your application? It hasn't yet been 7 days since the application was posted.

You can keep these notes in the edit reason of your post rather than needlessly bumping your application against the terms of applying.

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when i saw you with a sniper on the ground all i could hear in my head was " bravo 6..... goin dark " i like the use of your pac and honestly i find it being used for the right purpose to enhance RP so +1


EDIT: happy birthday!

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A half baked trooper. I could really as his CO ask a lot more... wait this isn’t a pier review... 



No really thow. The pac 3 is a little basic.. but knowing what he’s made IG and the fact he has made YouTube videos to demonstrate he wants this I can see that he is putting in effort. He has made some good things and learns quickly. BEST OF LUCK.

Your Step dad - Lime

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