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3rd October Campaign


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"Operation Raptured Scimitar"



With the capture of 'General Tortera' during Operation 3rd Lambda (Rishi Campaign),

the Empire has found an ally in the once opposing General as he begun to both join

and work with the Empire proving them with intelligence regarding the next moves

for the CIS Remenants.


This has resulted in General Tortera providing Imperial High Command with intelligence of

an ongoing assault on 'Naboo' due to the CIS seeing it as a strategic hold allowing for 

further claims of the galaxy as they continue to drone in swarms from the Unknown Regions.

Grand Moff Tarkin and Director Isard have deciding to listen to the General's intelligence have

authorized a counter attack on Naboo to reclaim it and prevent the CIS

Remnants from gaining a foot-hold within the known galaxy.


With General Tortera now appointed Adjudant General as an adviser to General Theta 

for the Operation. The Troopers of the ISD 'Chimaera' prepare for deployment, once 

again up against the droid hoards of the CIS Remnants.


Campaign Starts at 4:00 aest Tomorrow

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