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So, how has everyone been?


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I feel like I haven't been engaging as much with everyone in the community as I used to - excluding all the EM stuff that I did. Event Master was fun and all, but it kinda made me put all my focus into making that good and not really putting much effort into anything else. A lot of you have thus been asking why I stepped down -- well that's pretty much your answer.

I'm due for another LOA soon to refocus on some other things; returning to editing, playing games other than GMod (wait, those exist?), and just general life stuff. That being said, I wouldn't trade my experiences in the GMod SWRP communities for anything else. My time within IG, EG, and others has seen me grow as an individual and develop a hell of a lot more skills than I could have ever imagined. A lot of you, here, are to thank for that, but alas there are too many names to list.

So I hope you're all doing alright, out there, wherever you are. I look forward to what the future has in store for IG, and after some eventual time away I will further look forward to creating some more memories together.

Much love,

- Greyback x

p.s @Bailey i need my donator tags back ;)

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